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Rhodos Wildlife Park

Sprawling around the Afilan Region of Rubrinea is the Rhodos Wildlife Park. This sanctuary is dedicated to housing exotic and endangered species from around the globe, with zookeepers specialised in a number of fields to best help their conservation efforts.

Rhodos Wildlife Park contains over two hundred animal species, 65% of which are endangered and on some form of conservation program to improve their numbers. Their mascot species is the crimson-bellied bat, an endangered bat species with the funkiest of hairstyles.


Rhodos Wildlife Park is split into four sectors, based on four different groups of animals the zookeepers specialise in. The organisation refuses to hire people without a background in a specific section of the animal industry, such as herpetology, primatology, or ornithology.

- The largest sector is the Mammal Sector. With over fifty species in their collection, and 430 individual mammals, they take up the majority of the Park.

- The second largest sector is the Avian Sector, with almost eighty species. Many of these are passerines and co-exist in large walk-through aviaries.

- The Herptile Sector is the smallest sector, as there are few reptile and amphibian species in the Afilan Region. There are only twenty reptile species, and two amphibian species.

- The Marine Sector contains a number of freshwater and saltwater species. The majority of this sector is either underground or within large buildings, with interactive aquariums.

Best Efforts

Crimson-Bellied Bat by Mochi

This Wildlife Park isn't just dedicated to conservation; education is a huge aspect to their brand. Some of the highest-level zookeepers have banded together to produce a series of guides on various topics such as: how to look after native wildlife, how to enter the animal industry, how to become a zookeeper, and many more.

These books aren't just sold in the Park. They can be found in most libraries in the Region, as well as the continent of Sangar as a whole.

A to Zoo Funding

For the past five years the largest zoological collection in the entire Yonderverse, the A to Zoo, has funded the Rhodos Wildlife Park's crimson bellied bat breeding program. As the A to Zoo has a similar program, and strongly support the conservation of this bat species, they jumped at the chance to support fellow conservationists.

Crimson-Bellied Bat Breeding Programme
Generic article | Feb 2, 2024

Our dedicated crimson-bellied bat breeding programme. Sponsor an animal!

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