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The only star in the Cheem System. Cheem is a fabled rainbow giant, a completely unique type of star in Aavar's River. As the only star of its kind, it has brought a lot of attention to the Cheem System. That, and the fact that the star seems to collect new planets out of nowhere, with pre-established civilisations, histories, cultures, the works.


As a rainbow giant, its history and origin is a little more complicated. Cheem is not an ordinary star, as its core is not made of souls like an ordinary star. Instead, its core is made of a blend of apalous, stardust, and cheem crystals. These three materials, when blended together, create a kaleidoscope burning so brightly it forms what is essentially a star. Cheem was formed a thousand years ago, and is one of the youngest stars in the Yonderverse.

Since Cheem was first formed, it has attracted a total of nineteen planets: Jynx, Amelaqua, Kyrophis, Julios, Emycelium, Temperil, Tihjay, Naeranith, Adamne, Rubrinea, Daglaci, Ynaris, Maresa, Norrab, Capepo, Auvarha, Rabalhar, Vimowerol, and Danjevan. In the past thousand years all of these planets have magically manifested into existence. Scientists do not even know where to start with how this is possible, as there is no evidence of these planets ever existing before they appeared orbiting the star.

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