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Tiszanti System

An average-sized solar system in the Milky Way, the Tiszanti System is home to the Tiszantis Bio-Market, one of the largest illegal markets and trade systems in the galaxy.

Three planets orbit Tiszanti, an M-Type Main Sequence Star.



- 1 Moon
- 0.9 AU from Tiszanti

Earla's blisteringly hot savannas and deserts are inhabited by the scisrofiihr, sophonts closely related to secretary birds. Most scisrofiihr are military-centric, dedicated their lives to support the armed forces they have sent into space to conquer other planets.

Earla is the second largest rocky planet in the Tiszanti System, behind Eclypsa. Two continents divide the landmass, which only makes up approximately 17% of the planet's surface. Coral reefs globally populate the waters, home to thousands upon thousands of vibrant species.

The Earla Space Legion has a reputable relationship with the oanie of planet Karkhala. The oanie fund military operations on Earla, while the scisrofiihr provide protection and support.

I wasn't on Earla for long. The locals didn't make me feel very safe, every single one had about thirty weapons lying around their house, many hung up on display. And when I stayed at a small inn, the owner offered me one of her gigantic rifles because I didn't have one. Safe to say I didn't stick around very long.
— Stella's Log: Earla


- 3 Moons
- 2.3 AU from Tiszanti

The Dusk half of Eclypsa is suspended in near-darkness, illuminated by perpetually floating rocks, reflecting minimal sunlight. The Dawn half of Eclypsa sees gorgeous shades of oranges and purples in the sky at all times. As a tidally locked planet, Eclypsa stands out amongst others in the Tiszanti System.

Tucked away in the rainforests of one of Eclypsa's moons is the Tiszanti Bio-Market. Bio-engineers, geneticists, and the Yonderverse's most twisted minds, all working together to warp existing creatures into monsters of myth and legends.

On Eclyspa itself are the eclypsides. These small amphibious sophonts live within the Dusk, comfortable in the near-complete darkness. Gorgeous cities of silky black egg-shaped houses dot the landscapes, interspersed with crop fields submerged in a murky purple water.

Dusk by Mochi
Dawn by Mochi


- 5 Moons
- 16.9 AU from Tiszanti

Espin's entire surface is a frozen wasteland, concealing an oceanic paradise of vibrant bioluminescent organisms. With a small core, the majority of Espin is ocean. Thick glowing tendrils of megaflora grow from the core to the surface, piercing the ice sheets.

Espin has no native sophonts and is the legal possession of Saturn. It has largely been unexplored by its owner as their technological level cannot face up against gigantic dangerous fauna within the abyss below. Gigantic cetaceans breach the surface, smashing through the ice with gigantic flat heads.

Other Notable Landmarks

Asteroid 394CKS-7

A platinum-rich asteroid, home to a sophontic freshwater squid species, the ibhi.

Sureka Space Station

The oldest space station in the Khatil Cluster, a subregion of the Greater Oasis.


A moon orbiting Eclypsa. Its lush rainforests, carving out deep valleys and gorges, conceal the Tiszantis Bio-Market.

Eclypsan Quarantine

To protect native species, any aliens arriving on Eclypsa must be quarantined for three weeks.

Uni Hatan

A biosphere deep within the Dusk on Eclypsa. A small group of eclypsides thrive in the artificial darkness.

Dorio San Station

A market square and space station orbiting Earla. Its foundations are of plant material, and it is entirely recyclable.
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I hope you have a great day!   Explore the endless planets brimming with life of the Yonderverse! Go after creatures, discover new places, and learn about the people you find along the way.   Check out my plans for Summer Camp!
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