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Xauein System

The Xauein System is a solar system in the Milky Way with two ice giants, a gas giant, an asteroid belt and a labyrinth sea. This solar system is inhabited by one sophont species, the atomians, native to the ice giant Aton.



- 173 Moons
- 7.9 AU from Xauei

Continent wide ice storms whip around Kokhas, making it almost uninhabitable. Just a handful of primitive species are designed to tolerate this vicious environment, others living on the Eye, or the planet's quieter, calmer core. The storms visible from space speed up to over twenty thousand miles per hour. Almost no spacecrafts can survive the journey to the Eye.

How life survives on Kokhas is a question atomian scientists ask all the time. Scientists have observed incredible thermal energy from the Eye. A currently unexplored region, the Eye has accumulated many theories and hypotheses within the scientific community.

Hoooooo boy, whoever made that name didn't say it out loud first.


- 3 Moons
- 29.3 AU from Xauei

Temperatures of Aton are far below freezing but the planet is a blend of water and ice - the water stays liquid thanks to hydromancy. Aton is a tidally locked planet, with half of the ice giant permanently facing Xauei, mostly made of water. The other side of the planet is too mostly water, with a labyrinth of thick ice.

The thin region of cool temperatures between both sides of the planet are where atomians and atonians can be found. Atonians are far more primitive than atomians, spending their nine month lives gnawing through conifers that they hatch in, and then consuming permafrost.

Atomians are far more intelligent, using their intellect to advance into space and dominate the solar system.


- 18 Moons
- 78 AU from Xauei

Saphas is the only gas giant in the Xauei System. Mostly comprised of small iron pellets, Saphas is extremely magnetic and over many centuries, has slowly warped from iron-rich asteroids flying past, dragging parts of Saphas with it. What is left of the planet is much smaller, scarred from parts it has lost.

Saphas is a breeding ground for mag mites, giant space mites. These animals feed on iron and other ferrous metals, and what is better than a planet made of iron?

So you're telling me, all three planets are giants? That's impressive. It's rare for two planets in a five-planet system to be giants of some sort, let alone all of them.
— Starstruck planetologist

Other Major Points of Interest

Kokhon Belt

The Kokhon Belt is located between Kokhas and Aton, and its name is an amalgamation of the both. This asteroid belt is rife with space algae, which attracts a number of lively organisms such as boloos.

These peculiar space sirenians gather in large clusters, feeding on the algae and bumping into one another and asteroids thanks to their poor coordination.

Its position right next to the Trimite Highway means that there are many fuel stations around, perfect for vehicles low on fuel that need a quick break. Pop into one of many diners fixed to large asteroids, offering a range of algae-based foods or imported foods from Aton.

Kokhon Belt by Mochi
- 15 Dwarf Planets
- 18,240,000 asteroids (over 1km wide)
- 13.4 AU to 23.9 AU from Xauei
Fauna | May 4, 2024

The space equivalent of manatees. Boloos migrate round the star Xauei in large clumps, crashing into asteroids and one another.

Labis Field

The Labis Field is an electrically charged labyrinth sea orbiting Xauei over a hundred astronomical units away. This vast stretch of water forms a large bubble around a Mercury-sized asteroid, Labis. The Labis Field is home to a number of large organisms, designed to survive in the desolate environments, rich in minerals but lacking in much plant life and diversity.

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