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Greater Oasis

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The Greater Oasis is just a small sector of the Milky Way, where 90% of the galaxy's native sophontic species originated, and where 90% of the galaxy's entire population resides. This part of the galaxy is flooded with bustling space colonies, light-year long traffic jams down the Galactic Highway, and so much more. The Greater Oasis contains seventy million star systems.

Most of the planets in the Greater Oasis are occupied, meaning few planets are owned by other organisations. The oanie of planet Karkhala in the Kurhira System are infamous for their galactic colonisation, taking over planets and covertly wiping out entire populations. Due to the abundance of established civilisations, they have for the most part given up on trying to take over planets in the Greater Oasis.


The Greater Oasis lies on the Oasis Arm, a minor arm within the Milky Way. It is best accessed through the Galactic Highway, which crosses from the Perseus Arm to the Scrutum-Crux Arm, cutting right through the Orion Arm.

Being the most populated part of the Milky Way, the Greater Oasis is considered an unofficial capital of the galaxy.

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