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Ffaea is a space colony located just beyond the Kuiper Belt in the Kinosmo System. This colony is dedicated to the advancement of science, particularly in genetics, with many famous space-faring evolutionary geneticists living in Ffaea.


As far as most space colonies go, Ffaea is incredibly diverse. With a stable population of roughly two hundred different species, there is a total population of just over 6 million. The most common species in this colony are the oanie, who take advantage of the existing scientists and steal their data, packaging and sending it to their home planet.

Ask the average person in Ffaea and they wouldn't know there's even a single oanie in this colony. They mostly keep to themselves in the corners of the colony, as it makes for a quick get-away when they've been discovered. They avoid contact with others in Ffaea by having cargo ships deliver all the resources they may possibly need.

Other common species inlude martians, jovians, slimes, kephalons, and rubidians, among others.


Ffaea's architecture represents a handful of different cultures around the Yonderverse. The majority of the colony's buildings are inspired by martian architecture, constructed out of bronzewood, an amazingly hardy wood type which can withstand pressures of space comparable to tarsarium, one of the strongest and most reliable metals in the entire Yonderverse.

Where you don't find martian architecture, you'll probably find various architectures from many different planets. Most colonies have guidelines for constructing new houses and districts, but Ffaea had none when it was first constructed and none were ever made in its 5,000 year history. Since the colony isn't the oldest, its own architecture style hasn't had time to form, so it still exists as a blend of different cultures and styles.


Very few space colonies have a specialist profession, but Ffaea has genetics. Many of the Yonderverse's most renowned geneticists and scientists live in this space colony, or at least commute. The Ffaea Science University is one of the most prestigious universities out there, and only the most talented individuals get in. The university is funded by countless corporations across the galaxy, giving it plenty of resources to give its scientists for their groundbreaking studies.

The most famous, and slightly controversial, study, was with linking intelligence to genetics. Three avids from Earth were used in a test to study animal intelligence. While the study was not limited to this, the most famous part of the study was a small experiment with Humanoid Hand Projectors. The projectors were put on a domestic chicken, greater flamingo, and a harris hawk.

The tests determined that two of the three animals, when given the ability, would use humanoid-grade tools and weapons to hunt for food and for general usage. The chicken and the harris hawk showed incredible intelligence, whilst the flamingo carried on with its typical lifestyle and made no attempts to use any of the tools given to them, which included a sword, a net and a bat.

This had almost nothing to do with the original experiment and was mostly conducted for fun, and it went viral on Utopia with several videos circulating the networking system, bringing some controversy to the scientists as some deemed it as animal torture.

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