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River Of Life

The River of Life is the longest river on the planet Jupiter. The River of Life gets its name from the fact that early jovian life was situated on this river, and continues to this day.


The River of Life stretches from the core of the planet all the way to Jupiter's Edge. The River of Life is one of many rivers making this journey through the planet, but this river is the only one to reach from the very core to the very edge, making it the longest river on the planet.

This river cuts through many major island chains such as the Rollen Ring. The River of Life's most famous structure is the Angelis Island, and island surrounded entirely by this river. The River of Life itself is an incredibly important location on Jupiter, and is known even by folk from other planets.


Since the dawn of time (for jovians), the River of Life has been the most important thing in existence. Jovians evolved around this river, and it was the only source of safety for these squishy primitive beings. As time passed, these animals began exploring the wilds outside of the comfort of this river, discovering new areas and new dangers. Over millions and millions of years the various settlements and cultures around this river evolved, alongside the jovians themselves.

No matter how much the jovians changed, the river remained exacty the same - safety. When the Jupiter Space Legion formed the River of Life was featured in its flag, as a wavy blue strip in the centre of a brown and orange background. Because of this, the River of Life is incredibly famous and is known by people who know next to nothing about Jupiter and its inhabitants.

Fauna, Flora & Fungi

The River of Life is home to endless animal, plant and fungi species, which is why its name is so fitting. This river is home to an incredulous number of freshwater fish species, some of the most well-known on the planet such as bristlehead fish and filliins. Many large predatory animals live amongst the River of Life, however act abnormally docile when in the vicinity. All animals treat the River of Life as some sort of neutral zone, where any heirarchy or food chain is completely disregarded and all animals act civil with each other.

Similarly to animals, there are an incredible amount of plants and fungi in the River of Life. Somehow, plants and fungi also follow the unspoken rules of the River of Life. Because no animals consume the plants and fungi of this river, it has become completely overgrown in a tangled mess of vines, roots, and mushrooms.

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