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Kavaari Museum

The Kavaari Museum can be found hovering in the Kuiper Belt in the Kinosmo System, in the Milky Way in District 2 in the Yonderverse. This museum is an ever-expanding attempt to catalogue the various artifacts created by the kavaari in their attempt to discover a habitable planet for their species, an attempt famously failing.


The Kavaari Museum is anchored between five icy objects that orbit Aquarius in sync, negating the risk of the museum losing its anchors. As most lonely buildings will, the Kavaari Museum emits a loud sound that travels trillions of miles, allowing any spacecraft within the Kuiper Belt to locate the museum and hone in on its location.

The Kavaari Museum is located roughly 38.5 AU away from Aquarius, and is one of the outermost buildings in the Kuiper Belt.

Artifact Collection

Kavaari Statue by Mochi

The Kavaari Museum hosts a total of 6,193,056 artifacts, ranging from 10 metre tall kavaari statues to the smallest of vivariums they kept small pets in.

Kavaarian style and architecture has influenced countless cultures across the Yonderverse, as various civilisations idolised the kavaari statues that were left on many different planets. A good example of this is Ancient Egyptian culture on Earth, centralised around the kavaari statue that can be found in central Cairo, an abandoned city in the continent of Africa.

Kavaarian Vivarium by Mochi

Many abandoned artifacts have been donated to this collection, while some have been illegally stolen and shipped here. Some people are paid immense amounts of money to steal these artifacts, so it cannot be traced to the museum itself.

The most famous artifact in this museum, displayed in the centre of the building's lobby, is the Cilvarth Kavaari Statue. This 10 metre tall statue showcases a kavaari woman wearing a long brown gown, with yellow, red, blue and green patterns. This statue was carved from varistone, a type of near-indestructible stone manufactured by the kavaari.

Kavaari vivariums are the most common artifact type in the museum. These vivariums come in different varieties based on the planet they were made on but all are shaped similarly, reminiscent of an egg, a symbol of life, carved from varistone with a glass insert.


The Kavaari Museum's origins are mostly unknown, however many think the museum was first formed about 50,000 years ago. The museum is constructed from varistone, a reference to the material the kavaari used in most of their constructions, as well as creating an almost indestructable building.

About twenty thousand years ago was the first large wave of imported artifacts. Approximately 500,000 artifacts were delivered in a six month period, and for several thousand years nobody knew how. Most of the previous artifacts were donated from large collections or bought, and never had so many artifacts been added to the collection. It was later discovered the museum had paid thousands of people to steal artifacts from various locations on countless planets.

Just a thousand years ago was the second and most recent wave of imported artifacts. This time, it was much harder to keep the illegal payments quiet, so the museum made no efforts and publicly declared that they would pay people to collect artifacts for them, however discretely encouraging stealing artifacts. Many disapprove of this, but unfortunately nothing can be done to stop the museum.

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