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Cilvarth Kavaari Statue

The Cilvarth Kavaari Statue is a large statue of a kavaari starship captain, around 3.9 billion years old. It is made of varistone, a material that can last billions of years without deteriorating.

Influence on Cilvarth

These statues have influenced cultures on almost every planet they were placed on. On Cilvarth this statue was placed within the Silver Desert, which at the time was a large ocean. A settlement formed around this ten metre tall statue, considerably smaller than other kavaari statues.

Khanism, a monotheistic religion on Cilvarth centered around this statue, and a deity inspired by it. Ranat, the God of Life and Death, resembles this statue.

Day of Disappearance

Just over ninety-three years ago the statue vanished from its podium within the city Akhaia.

To those who have never left the planet, questions arose and panick instilled. The statue was quickly located, residing in the Kavaari Museum.

Kavaari Statue by Mochi
Current Location
10 metres
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