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Auvarhan is a broad term to refer to anyone native to Auvarha, or who's close heritage hails from this planet. There are fourteen sophont species native to the planet, which awards Auvarha the Oasis Planet term.

Many scientists specialising in the study of human mythology note striking similarities between many mythological humanoids and auvarhans, even most of their English names aligning.


Titans are a major classification of auvarhans, not based on their size, but on their strength. Titans are incredibly powerful beings, but despite this, are quite gently people despite some of their physical appearances.


The largest species of auvarhan, giants are exclusive to the Northern Hemisphere. Their range isn't large compared to their sizes, living in the mountainous regions within the Arctic Circle. Giants are a very gentle people, tending to monolithic gardens on the mountainside and along rolling hills and meadows.

Despite being gentle people, they are protective of their native environments and encompassing wildlife. If they see people chopping down trees, they're not afraid to report them to the local council.


Another gentle species, trolls are quite isolated from the rest of the planet. They live in mountainous, forested terrains quite close to giants, living in harmony with the local ecosystems. Their magical prowess is admirable to other auvarhans, many seeking troll settlements for guidance and advice.

Trolls reluctantly help others. Most want to keep to themselves, living peaceful lives in their familial settlements. Their homes are embedded into the ground, living alongside many burrowing animal species who benefit from the warmth provided from troll houses.


The smallest of the titans, goblins are not to be underestimated. Most are found in larger cities around the planet, living comfortably alongside other species. Their diminutive frame hides incredible strength; and adult goblin, stood around three and a half feet tall, is capable of lifting a troll, typically six times as heavy.

Most goblins in large cities work in construction. They are intelligent, many having a good understanding of chemistry, physics, and engineering, and many of the leading scientists in the planet are goblins.


Merfolk are a classification on their own, as it encompasses three different species. They inhabit the seas, oceans, and larger lakes of Auvarha. Merfolk are typically more territorial than other species, disapproving of the water pollution caused by land-based civilisations hundreds of years ago. After a group of merfolks made a formal complaint against "all land people", the entire planet shifted into a more solarpunk lifestyle, working with nature and their environments, rather than taking over and destroying them.

Tropic Merfolk

Tropic merfolk are a distinct species that live closer to the surface of the water, often in tropical areas. Some can be found in larger lakes, particularly around the Equator and in continents Aphar and Erene. Tropic merfolk have lighter skin, many sun-bleached from sun-bathing on the water's surface.

Tropic Merfolk by Mochi

Most tropic merfolk settlements are found in reefs, where the unusual formation of rock works to their advantage. They are particularly vulnerable as a species, with many dangerous animals living in open waters, and reefs provide protection, despite sometimes attracting said dangerous species.

Abyssal Merfolk

Occupying the depths of the oceans, abyssal merfolk are rarely seen by any other species. They seldom swim above four thousand metres below sea level, where light cannot reach. A bioluminescent species, the majority of their communication comes in the form of light manipulation, and colour-changing scales.

Abyssal merfolk are the most intelligent species on the planet, without competition. The other species aren't aware of this, simply because none of the other species have the ability to venture so far down into the depths. Abyssal merfolk have dominated the entire ocean floor, with sprawling megacities, farmlands of supermassive megafauna, successfully developed terraforming technology and the ability to create portals, harnessing the power of the Shatterspace.


Unlike their monstrous mythological Earth counterparts, sirens are lovely people. You'll hear them singing their songs as they swim around coastlines, playing games of shell tossing with their friends and families. Many coastal towns and cities extend into the water to accompany these sirens, as they can breathe in water and on land.

Most musicians from Auvarha are sirens, thanks to their gracious melodic talents. Sirens also occupy most roles as models for aquatic fashion on other oceanic planets, as their shimmering scales and thin gills are desired traits for many people.


Faes are the more naturally inclined, and naturally empowered, people. Most faes have a strong connection with elemental and mystical magical fields. Faes can also refer to fairies, but it is also a major classification that includes a total of five sophonts.


Centaurs require vast open spaces to stretch their six equine legs. Centaurs have a natural affinity with floramancy, and their ability to enhance crop growth makes them avid farmers, supplying half of the globe's crops. The latest fashion craze with centaurs is weaving vines and flowers into their lengthy hair and manes. You'll see many people displaying absurd fashion choices, some even growing small bushes on their backs.


Fauns often live alongside centaurs, satyrs, and minotaurs, all bonding over their partially equine or bovine physiques. Fauns have a humanoid torso and head, with goat-like lower bodies. They dress very fashionably, often making natural clothing out of giant leaves, moss, and bark.

Fauns are mostly a very stable and calm species, making them excellent emergency service operators. Thanks to their magically healing abilities, most ambulance operators are fauns.


The complete opposite of fauns, most satyrs are quite obsessive and erratic. Red light districts of cities are often operated by satyrs; at the very least, most brothels satyr-ran. Despite this, most satyrs are quite respectable. In recent years, many have left the planet and moved into space colonies, some operating large companies and corporations, and some leading scientists in various fields.


The largest of the Fae, minotaurs are slowly decreasing in population. Their most prominent feature are the pair of large, black horns that form a crown on their heads. Many minotaurs like to adorn their horns with stick-on gems and crystals, or paint their horns bright colours as a form of individuality.

Unfortunately, minotaurs have quite a reputation for property damage. Due to their height and their horns, many younger minotaurs don't quite realise how tall they are, and cause damage to buildings and properties. Because of this, some minotaurs become property inspectors, specifically to write off these damages.


Fairies are unique amongst the Faes, as they have an entirely different genetic heritage than centaurs, fauns, satyrs, and minotaurs. Fairies are by far the smallest of the humanoids of Auvarha, standing at only a foot tall. Capable of flight, with delicate, dragonfly-like wings, fairies live in stunning hyper-advanced cities amongst the canopies of rainforests around the planet.


Naturas, despite their name, are prolific urban magic users. Naturas don't fit well in other categories, so this classification is somewhat miscellaneous. Naturas are found all over the globe, particularly in arid regions.


Another winged species, harpies are more accustomed to warmer, drier, climates. Most official maps of Auvarha and its official continents and countries have been mapped by harpies, as their photographic memories, artistic abilities, and ability to fly comfortably thousands of metres above sea level make them expert cartographers.


Unfortunately, gorgons have developed a reputation for solidifying people. They have the unfortunate, but sometimes useful, ability to temporarily turn someone to stone just by making eye contact. Because of this gorgons always wear sunglasses of some variety, aside from in their own homes as they can't solidify another gorgon.


Vampires can live centuries, making them excellent historians. Many vampires are property owners, controlling apartment complexes in larger cities, and massive rural mansions, cottages, with acres of forest and garden. Most vampires keep to themselves or to other vampires; since they live more than three times as long as the average auvarhan, most relationships they have with other species ends in loss and heartbreak.

Genetic Descendants

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