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Floramancy is a field of magic involving all flora species. Floramancy is the second most popular magic type in the Yonderverse, trailing behind the broken hearts caused by Amaramancy, the field of magic involving love and romance.

Utility & Usage

Increased Crop Growth

All flora species in the Yonderverse contain biomagis, a chemical that increases growth when in contact with any kind of physical form of floramancy. Crop growth can increase infinitely based on how much floramancy is used, but the more that is used, the more unstable the crops become, leading to mutations. Most farmers use approximately 2g of liquid floramancy per 100g of crops. This amount is completely safe and at no risk of mutations, a little more and a little less does no harm either.

Unlocking floramancy is key to becoming a significant farmer in the Yonderverse. There is high competition and only the most talented floramancers are able to sustain themselves as a crop farmer.

Spikekelp by Mochi


Deforestation is a huge issue on many planets round the Yonderverse. Thankfully, floramancers are always capable of regrowing forests, no matter the size or devastation. Paired with terramancers who replenish soil, a forest the size of the Amazon Rainforest from Earth can be regrown in just six weeks.

Space Legions will pay huge sums of money for these reforesting programs, hiring terramancers and floramancers to spend a few months on their planet, regrowing entire forests. These programs are promoted on Utopia, and specialise in country and continent-wide reforesting programs instead of more small-scale projects.

Caraweeds by Mochi

Sustainable Living

A more sustainable way of life is all the rage in modern times. Many cities on different planets were formed within forests, working with nature instead of against it. On some planets, buildings are built using trees as infrastructure, using some flower species to generate electricity via thermal energy.


Significant Planets


Nestled within an asteroid belt is Capepo. This luscious planet is famed for its homegrown crops. The native capsains are a friendly bunch, but the one thing they don't tolerate is slander of their vegetables. The soil of Capepo is unusually fertile; laced with floramancy, any seeds planted grow three times faster than on the average planet.


Auvarha flicks between autumn and winter year-round; as a relatively cold planet, the people have brought about some magnificent festive traditions. The people of this planet strive to create a balance between technology and nature, and their flora-infused cities are built on the backs of sprawling forests.

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Maloruno is a planet of pure conflict. The sophonts, the runos, inhabit the entire Southern Hemisphere while the white tigers dominate the Northern Hemisphere. They are of equal intelligence and strength, so the two species have a mutual agreement to remain in each other's territories. Breaking this agreement could mean a war that lasts eternity, until the planet is destroyed.

While Phantomancy is the main field of magic used by runos, floramancy and terramancy are popular magic fields.

Social Reputation

Floramancers are loved by most, due to their relaxed and good-natured personalities. They don't like to get into arguments, don't enjoy conflicts, they just want to grow plants. They are important to well-balanced societies, as they serve as mediators when any psychic mages aren't available.

Societies made entirely of floramancers have much higher morale, which is typically the case for a monomagical society, but not always. Floramancers make great friends, as their love language is growing crops as gifts. In fact, food gift-giving is so important to floramancers it has created countless traditions and festivals. Spice Day from the Aricos Spice Market on Cilvarth is floramagical in origin, celebrating the spices from the planet.

Mastering Floramancy

Unbeknownst to literally everybody in the Yonderverse, it is impossible to master floramancy. Due to the power of this magic field, no being in the Yonderverse can fathom being a master of floramancy. Many consume biomagis supplements to increase their floramagical powers which can be purchased at many magical pharmacies.

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