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The Yonderverse, the biggest universe ever created by someone in the Writer's Dimension. Its creator was a human from Project-1999284389277520:Earth, who based the Yonderverse off of the universe they lived in, but much more expanded.
The Yonderverse is a massive universe, containing rivers of solar systems, crystal mountains stretching literally millions of megaparsecs, forests of light and fire, and the God's Table, where every deity ever sits.


Aavar's River

The largest collection of solar systems and galaxies in the Yonderverse, Aavar's River contains a whopping 3.9x1058 solar systems, all tied on strings of galactic currents that take you across the Yonderverse. Aavar's River is one of the few locations where all these currents meet up, and together they form this river.


The entirety of Aavar's River is sectioned off into three districts. These districts are determined by their Solar System's average level of dangerousness. The districts were determined by the PA, or People's Association, who has analysed every single sentient species in the Yonderverse and determined how safe each one is, and therefore determined the safety of each Solar System.
District 1
The smallest district, District 1 is the safest of the three districts. Each Solar System is classified as practically harmless, with all of the creatures and environments being incredibly friendly. District 1 Solar Systems are popular, especially with tourism, as people seek out these planets for the safest, most beautiful holiday resorts in the Yonderverse.
District 2
District 2 is the largest district, and is considered mildly dangerous. In Yonderverse terms, mildly dangerous is little danger at all. Most of the Solar Systems you may be familiar with are found in District 2, such as the Ria Solar System or the Kurhira Solar System.The majority of the sentient species in Aavar's River are also found in District 2 Solar Systems, and the PA's headquarters can be found nestled in the centre of the district.
Aavar's River
District 3
Fear the Solar Systems in this district, as if you entered one you would most likely die trying to escape. Only the most powerful of people in the Yonderverse can defeat the legendary monsters that reside on these planets, and very, very few call this district home. It was incredibly tough for the PA to document the sentient species in this district; they had to hire those who lived there to document them remotely.


The creation of Aavar's River dates back to the beginning of the Yonderverse itself. Every single solar system was hand-crafted by Aavar himself; it is believed the God spent a millennia on each planet, carefully designing each ecosystem, every animal, plant, and person, making sure they had a place in the world. While most people in the Yonderverse worship a specific deity, Aavar is the most popular God worshipped, and is a Yonderversal symbol of peace and creation.

Aavar originally designed a third of the River to be completely harmless, another third to be extremely dangerous, and the last third to be somewhere in between, in order for the Yonderverse to remain interesting yet balanced.

Despite the river's original design being balanced, when Aavar retired from his godly duties the Yonderverse became unbalanced. Uncontrolled evolution occured, as well as extinction, and over billions of years the sizes of the districts altered.

One of the first sentient species to evolve in the Yonderverse were the Mallonians. Billions of years ago, with a whole Yonderverse to themselves, their reign spanned hundreds of planets in various solar systems, with practically infinite resources all to themselves. A very intelligent species too, they created some of the first advanced technology, comparable to technology seen today. But because they used technology to keep themselves safe, they evolved to lose their natural defences, which is why the species was wiped out so fast 16 billion years ago when the acra virus spread across Aavar's River.

Cosmic Eclipse

Almost all of the time, the mineral veil that surrounds Aavar's River is completely invisible. However, once in a millenia, is this veil visible. This is due to some unknown, infinitely bright object creating a shadow that covers every single solar system in the river, causing the veil to become visible. This event, known as a cosmic eclipse, creates a shimmering light in the sky permanently for about two weeks. It is believed that this cosmic event is a sign that Aavar is watching its creation, and when the foreshadowed event does not occur is a sign of the Yonderverse ending.

Many people choose this eclipse as a time to celebrate Aavar, especially given how rare these events are. Large festivals are held, with music, food, dance.

Because of the beliefs surrounding the cosmic veil, it is illegal to mine the resources from it. Stories of men serving lifetimes for illegally mining these minerals have spread through the Yonderverse faster than the acra virus. Still though, many people choose to take the risk and sell the minerals they mine in black markets.

Significant species


The mallonians were a space-faring species whose population spanned a great deal of Aavar's River. They were one of the first highly-intelligent species too, which meant when they developed space technology they colonised endless amounts of planets. However, their reliance on technology led to them de-eveolving physically, and were susceptible to the simplest of diseases. As one would expect, when the Acra virus arose, they were quickly wiped out and now their existence is only known in the PA's documents.


The kavaari were a group of celestial soldiers that had overrun their home planet and ended up searching for a new one. Travelling through the Yonderverse, they discovered many planets and left remnants of their existence on each one, while they searched for the perfect new home. Sadly, they did not find a new home, and instead the species went extinct, due to the acra virus that wiped out 99.3% of all life in Aavar's River.


The archangels reside in the UAR, a high-tech megalopolis just north-south of Oribis. These people are infamous for their reputation, stealing resources from civilisations across Aavar's River to benefit themselves and the UAR. The archangels have stolen from pretty much every civilisation in District 1 and 2 of Aavar's River, not daring to venture into District 3 unsurprisingly.

Crystal Minefield

Located just a few trillion megaparsecs away from Aavar's River, the crystal minefield is one of the most grand locations in the Yonderverse. The beings living here are the same size as any regular star in a galaxy, and they spend their entire lives mindlessly mining away at the crystals, as part of one massive hivemind.   The crystal minefield is comprised of crystals gigaparsecs tall, forming almost infinitely tall sheets of colourful rock simply floating in space. The reason for it being called a minefield is not because it is mined by giant beings, but because of the crystal's tendencies to explode. Any loud noise and the crystals will vibrate, causing massive explosions, the noise causing more and more crystals to explode.

Significant Species


Chaoslings are the mindless husks of workers who mine away at the crystals in order to feed the Chaos Queen. These four armed, six legged beasts are the size of an average star. Their skin is coated with acid to protect themselves from the infinitely hot crystals, which get delivered straight to the Chaos Queen.
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Chaos Queen

The most brutal monster in the Yonderverse, the Chaos Queen is a creature of pure evil and monstrocity. Without a care for life and anyone but herself, the Chaos Queen orders her mindless minions to feed her the crystals from the crystal minefield. Every time the crystals explodes the Chaos Queen gets angry, and puts a curse on every living creature in the Yonderverse.

To create a chaosling, the Chaos Queen will rip out a portion of her body, throw it into one of her many mouths, and spit it out. She is able to superheat this part of her body inside her, and give it the properties of a living creature without having a soul. With just one piece of her body she is able to create millions of these chaoslings.

Chaosling City

For some unexplained, bizarre reason, a group of chaoslings were given a soul. It is assumed that some god gifted them souls, but nobody really knows. Now with thoughts and emotions, about a million chaoslings fled the mines where they were working and revolted against the Chaos Queen. Because of how few chaoslings fled, she did not care and replaced them instantly.

The chaoslings fled to an undisturbed part of the crystal minefield, and hollowed out a large crystal that they now call home. They created long, winding pathways out of stardust that wraps all around the crystal, and leads to every entrance into the city. The city is incredibly minimalistic, only having access to a handful of resources, but the chaoslings believe it is a better life than the one they previously lived.


There is not much to tell for the crystal minefield's history, as the only significant things that have occurred was the arrival of the Chaos Queen and the chaosling revolt.

The Chaos Queen arrived soon after the crystal minefield was created, at the very beginning of the Yonderverse itself. Those who know of the Chaos Queen's existence believe that she was created by demons from the Horror Dimension, as her personality and appearance fit that dimension incredibly well. Once she arrived, she immediately started creating her minions as she was too lazy to eat the crystals herself, and wanted these chaoslings to feed her.
Thirteen billion years later the chaosling revolt occurred.

Sabala Rift

Of the many dimensions in the Yonderverse, Sabala is a dimension made of pure light. Because of how much energy is stored in the dimension, 3 billion years ago a tiny tear in space appeared. It appeared to be a small rift that led to Sabala, the rift causing light to leak out. This had immense effects on the surrounding space, as the light can be seen from unimaginable distances.


The Sabala Rift appeared about 3 billion years ago. Its appearance was noted by hundreds of space-travelling races, and was seen as a danger to all life. As the rift kept on growing, more light seeped out, but it wasn't the usual light people were used to.
Roughly 2.2 billion years ago, the first sighting of a giant serpent-like creature was documented. It was described as an infinitely long, goldish snake with a large head and long snout, and an extra snout on top of its head. Nobody believed this at the time because there was absolutely no evidence to support the claim.

That was until a billion years ago. The rift massively grew in size, abnormally so compared to its regular size increase. Emerging from this rift was a massive snake like creature that perfectly matched the description from 800 million years ago.
Since then, this creature known as the "Solar Serpent" has been spotted about 30 times, and it is assumed that it continually wakes up from a deep sleep inside Sabala.

Solar Serpent

The Solar Serpent has been spotted many times, so it's description is fairly detailed. The creature has glistening gold scales, a large head, two snouts - one where a snout usually goes and another directly on top of its head. The Solar Serpent's body is of an unknown length; many have theorised it might be endless. It is also unknown if it is the only one of its species.
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Wandering Forest

The Wandering Forest is definitively the largest location in the Yonderverse, since it is endless. The Wandering Forest is a forest of light and fire located directly below Aavar's River, where each tree sits on an infinitely wide plane.

The Wandering Forest is named as such due to the forest being endless, and one could wander through the trees for eternity.


The giant trees that grow in the Wandering Forest are at a size comparable to the chaos queen, which is the size of a thousand stars. These trees are made from an inflammable, unbreakable wood as old as time, and the leaves are made of fire and light. This light glows brighter than anything in the Yonderverse, and is used as a beacon for those who sail through the emptiness of space.


The plane that makes up the ground of the Wandering Forest is a material unknown to absolutely everybody. Nobody knows what material this is, and nobody can seem to be able to break it and analyse it.



The Yonderverse's first inhabitant was Aavar, the God of Gods. Aavar was born at the very start of the universe, born into a vast void of nothingness. With nothing to do, Aavar manifested a large table, later known as the God's Table which now seats every God ever known.

This table was built from the strongest wood in the Yonderverse, with every single gemstone and crystal embedded in its sides, and on top the table was food unimaginable to any mortal.

After the God's Table was designed and decorated, Aavar designed themself some company. First designed was Asherin, God of Fire. This God was created from light and fire, morphed into a massive being. Next was Arala, God of Water. Arala was created from the oceans, flowing into one to form them. Next was Thunderus, a being made from the most violent of storms. Finally Qaran, God of the Earth, was made from mountains carved into this mighty being.

Together, these five beings created every single thing in the Yonderverse, spending thousands of years designing each planet, animal, plant, and person, as well as everything they lived on. With a whole Yonderverse designed, Aavar sat back and watched as his creation unfolded.

Writer's Dimension

Breaking the 4th wall, the Yonderverse was designed by a human from Project:1999284389277520:Earth. He was the last survivor of the human race in that project, and when he died and was brought to the Writer's Dimension he set out to create a replica setting where humans did not exist. He found less joy in this, and instead killed off the human race in the Yonderverse with a space virus.

Since negative emotions do not exist in the Writer's Dimension, this human became good friends with his creator, who is still working on his project. The two of them frequently meet up at the Coffee Club, sharing ideas for their own projects, and meeting with other friends to share ideas with them.

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