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Tall-Shelled Tortonis by Mochi

Tortonidae is a family of tortoises of the order Testudines. They are commonly found in desert environments.

Tortonids are characterised by their extreme shells. Tortonids have evolved incredibly complex shells; many of these species grow to large sizes, such as tall-shelled tortonis which can reach five metres in height.

Most tortonids are herbivores. They consume whatever food is accessible, as their necks are short and stiff. A handful of species are omnivorous and will opportunistically eat meat, particularly from carcasses. Smaller species tend to be omnivorous.

Genetic Descendants
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Jul 7, 2024 04:08 by jyliet of the house

Ohhh, I love these guys. What a fantastic adaptation to support large sizes. Friend-shaped.

Jul 7, 2024 09:55 by Mochi

Thank you! I don't know why I didn't mention any bigger tortoises, as I plan on writing about one of these animals for Summer Camp, that can grow to about 200 metres tall :O

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