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The Year of Tears

This article is incomplete, and it shall be expanded upon some time in the future. :)

The Year of Tears is often considered an apocalyptic event, for the most absurd of reasons. Rubidians hate the colour green, due to the selection of cones in their eyes that make green a painful colour to observe in large quantities. The Year of Tears occurred seventy years ago; for an entire sesonal year, the skies rained green.

An industrial incident caused a cloud of green propolyvirihexide gas erupted into the atmosphere, tainting weather systems for thousands of miles in all directions on planet Rubrinea. This event was so traumatic for rubidians that they refused to leave the comfort of their own homes, only leaving for their jobs and any other essentials.

Many consider this event to have been a myth. Most recordings of this event have been stretched far from the truth, taking what was only a minor inconvenience into some life-threatening, world-ending, apocalypse that lasted an entire year. In fact, it lasted seventeen weeks, and the rain was barely even green.

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