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Spooktober 2023

Spooktober is here! I am so excited and have been for the last few weeks. This year I really want to add more spookiness to my world(s), and I intend to do exactly that! Last Spooktober was great; I learnt how to use containers and put the scrolly sidebar in my world, which has remained to this day. The first Spooktober I participated in, 2021, was a bit rockier. I burnt out afterwards, crawled my way through NaNo and WE but came out victorious in all 3 events, but never bounced back to my old way of writing, which I am actually glad about because now I take more pride in each article.

Link to my Spooktober 2023 Homepage

The Articles


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Sep 30, 2023 21:05

Excited to see this fill up!

Co-creator of the fantasy worlds Isekai & Seireitei
Co-creator of the TTRPG System Storybook
Sep 30, 2023 22:03 by Mochi

Thank you! Excited to see your writing too :D

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