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Saviour's Sword

The Saviour's Sword was a sword used by Sown Ikkaris, a legendary warrior who fought against the Everae Empire a hundred billion years ago. The Saviour's Sword was everaean in origin, but was stolen by Ikkaris and used to fight the species as one of the only ways to harm them.


The Storm That Shifted Time was arguably the most catastrophic event to have ever occurred in the Yonderverse. The flow of time within the Time Dimension was disrupted due to a storm that sent time flowing in all directions. This brought the past and the future into the present, causing civilisations both primitive and beyond advanced to compete with whatever existed at the time. It's safe to say the present and the past civilisations couldn't defend themselves from the forces of the future.

The Everae were the worst of the future civilisations. During their original time they weren't the most powerful but quite opportunistic. As soon as they entered a position where they had some level of power, they used it to their advantage and began taking over small portions of the Milky Way. In just twenty years they had taken over a third of the Milky Way, approximately 1.3 billion star systems.

They used a blend of hyper-modern technology and archaic weaponry, their most common weapon being what they referred to as mechallic swords. They were almost a metre in length, with a long curved black blade and a white handle. The swords could slice through steel, making it an exceptionally effective weapon.

On the extinct planet Czeczais lived a species of intelligent testudine. It was one of trillions of planets taken hostage by the Everae Empire, but there lived one plucky teenager who had an overwhelming desire to be the one hero everybody needed. One quiet morning being forced inside by everae guards after playing with friends too far from his home, he snuck out the back garden. He was able to overpower a weaker guard, taking his sword and armour. Capable of disguising himself as an everae guard. Over the entire day, he would take out guards one by one, giving their swords and armour to other czecian citizens of his small town.

In just four days the entire town was reclaimed by the czecians. The town's coup was kept under wraps from the everae until they were ready to break free. After rebelling, they managed to reach the next town over and free them from the prison that is everae rule. Over seven years the entire planet became the rightful re-ownership of czecians. The Saviour's Sword was mechallic sword used by Sown Ikkaris as he led the rebellion that fought for their home planet.

After the Time Soldiers reversed all of the damage caused by the Storm That Shifted Time, reversing the everae's domination of the Milky Way, all of the planets, solar systems, galaxies and black holes that warped into the present, the Saviour's Sword was the only thing that remained, aside from the mental trauma that affected trillions. Nobody can figure out why it was left.

Current Location

The Saviour's Sword resides within the Milky Way Historical Museum. It is in fact the oldest artifact in the entire museum, dating back 100 billion years. There is some considerable conflict over who owns this sword however, since in the present the everae are just starting to advance into space-travel and have contacted the museum on several occasions requesting the sword back.

Despite the colonisation of the everae happening over a hundred billion years ago. The memories still live on through its people. It's incredibly hard for generations to forget things in the Yonderverse - news travels fast, but the Yonderverse is so large that people around the edge of Aavar's River are still just learning about the everae's original domination.

Item type
Weapon, Melee
Current Location

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