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Glossy Holehead

Glossy holeheads are one of many holehead species from the Holidae family. These fish have a hole through their bodies, typically just behind their brains. They are an unusual species as their scales are hydrophobic - when taken out of the water, these fish are completely dry within a second.

Glossy Holehead by Mochi

They are one of the largest holeheads, reaching thirty centimetres in length. Glossy holeheads have scales that scatter light and are hydrophobic one common and one unusual property in fish scales.

They are kept as aquarium fish, particularly in Northern Ecela, but require large tanks so it's rare for private owners to keep them.

These fish are consumed in some coastal settlements, particularly around South East Uaelor. They are eaten in a number of ways, most commonly steamed while wrapped in grey banana leaves.

Genetic Ancestor(s)
6 - 8 years
Average Length
30 cm
Geographic Distribution
Settlement | Apr 14, 2024

The largest city on Osao. Sakara is a gorgeous coastal city, etched into cliffsides.

Cover image: Osao Header by Mochi


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Oct 6, 2023 16:55 by Molly Marjorie

What an interesting species! I wonder what evolutionary events led them to have holes and hydrophobic scales.

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Oct 6, 2023 17:35 by Mochi

Thank you! Who knows, I might have plans to dive into the fish family's evolution *smirk* >:)

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