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Holidae is a family of small tropical fish found in oceans on many rocky and oceanic planets. These animals make common pets thanks to their bright colours. Fish in this family are characterised by a hole above their spines.

Genuses & Species

Magnuai asetia
Magnuai assi
Magnuai magnuai
Magnuai quadratiscis
Magnuai richardsonii
Magnuai septaspina
Magnuai sextaspina
Holis argentii
Holis aurum
Holis cristatus
Holis popularis
Holis superis

Pseudoholis acutacies
Pseudoholis adamas
Pseudoholis albuclavumi
Pseudoholis choiris
Pseudoholis holis

Distribution & Habitat

Firehead by Mochi

Holids are found primarily tropical oceans above 30 degrees Celsius. Most species inhabit waters around tropical reefs or areas around 100 metres deep or shallower. The majority of holids are found on Osao, including the type species, Holis superis.

Larger species are more territorial, claiming small sections of a coral reef. They will decorate their territory with shells of a specific colour.


Glossy Holehead by Mochi

Holids have an rounded to elongated body shape, rarely growing more than 50cm in length. Holids have miniscule ctenoid scales which aren't visible from afar.

Their signifying characteristic is the hole above their spinal cord. This hole ranges in size in species, but typically sits between the head and dorsal fin, or in place of the dorsal fin (e.g. Magnuai asetia). This hole helps with circulation and can gather oxygen particles found in water.

Genetic Descendants
Scientific Classification
Kingdom - Animalia
Phylum - Chordata
Class - Actinopterygii
Clade - Percomorpha
Order - Holiformes
Family - Holidae
Type Species
Glossy Holehead - Holis superis

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