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Fireheads are a species of small tropical fish found in the Osao Ocean. They are popular in aquariums due to their exotic colouration and easy natures.

They are known for their hunting behaviours - in the wild, they stalk their prey for hours upon hours, waiting for the perfect time to kill. They only eat the smallest of crustaceans, but they aren't a strong fish species and their prey can put up a good fight against them.


There are four identified firehead subspecies:
  • Silver Firehead (Magnuai asetia argentii)
  • Jacket Firehead (Magnuai asetia tunica)
  • Hosman's Firehead (Magnuai asetia hosmanni)
  • Slimy Firehead (Magnuai asetia limus)
  • Aquarium Fish

    Roughly 10% of all tropical aquariums around in Ecela contain at least one firehead. They are very easy to look after and can survive in waters of a range of salinity and temperatures.

    They are intelligent as well, capable of learning simple tricks. They can be taught to sit in one's hand and taken out of the water for a few seconds, play miniature versions of slimeball, so long as they are rewarded with food.

    Firehead by Mochi
    Genetic Ancestor(s)
    Scientific Name
    Magnuai asetia
    5 years
    Average Length
    5 - 15 cm
    Geographic Distribution
    Ecology of the Osao Ocean
    Generic article | Oct 18, 2023

    A collection of creatures native to the Osao Ocean in varying oceanic depths.

    Cover image: Osao Header by Mochi


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    Oct 8, 2023 11:07 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

    I love them. I want to have some in an aquarium. :)

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    You definitely could, they're quite affordable ^^

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