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Frigid Zone

The Frigid Zone makes up one half of the planet Greg. This zone is the half of the planet that never sees proper sunlight; it is only illuminated by the light reflected from the two moons.

Geography, Location & Climate

The Frigid Zone is characterised by temperatures far below 0℃, and almost zero light. Luckily, the two moons that orbit the planet in harmony create some permanent light, but barely enough for the average sophont to be able to see what's in front of them.

This environment contains various structures made entirely of ice and snow, ranging from hills and mountains of pure ice to canyons and valleys carved deep into the ground. High-speed winds reshape the surface of the Frigid Zone often, capable of shifting ice sheets, moving them thousands of kilometres over millions of years.


There is little notable history for the Frigid Zone, since there have never been any native sophonts on the planet. Three hundred years ago this planet was approached by the Oanie from Karkhala, after "discovering" and renaming the AO5 System. The planet was found to be packed full of valuable resources, so the oanie formed plans to claim the Harvesting Planet as its own.

The oanie first landed in the Frigid Zone, extracting some native fauna and flora including several snow cows. As there was only one karkhalan spacecraft they couldn't carry much, so the spacecraft immediately headed back to its home planet to deliver its findings and send out a party to claim the planet as its own.

Davites on the neighbouring planet Dave watched as this occurred, and as soon as the karkhalan ship had left the davites claimed Greg as its property. The people of Karkhala heard this of course and were not pleased, but now legally the Frigid Zone and the entirety of Greg are under ownership of planet Dave, and any Karkhalan property may not land on the planet.


There are countless organisms that call the Frigid Zone home, even if it may not look like it at first glance. Much of the life in the Frigid Zone are of large proportions, but these animals are small in numbers. Some species include snow cows and tusked lizards, two herbivorous species that graze on short grasses growing in the vast valleys.

Interestingly, the flora species of the Frigid Zone possess electrical conducting abilities. The plants of this planet all have "organs" within their stalks and trunks, which allow them to turn kinetic energy into electricity from the raging winds of this zone.

Snow Cow by Mochi
Frigid Zone Flora by Mochi
As soon as I landed I opened the hatch to my spacecraft, taking in the crisp, cold air of this frozen planet. While I could barely see a thing, I could make out the faint outlines of mountains in the distance, and the ground below me was illuminated by the tiniest of glowing bugs. Before I felt safe enough to step out of my vehicle, I heard a booming roar.   To my right, I noticed the shuffling of some massive fuzzy circle, and before I knew it there was this massive fluffy cow staring down at me. It glared at me for a few seconds, before snorting a cold breath on my face and wandering away.
— Explorer landing on the Frigid Zone
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