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Arcenleculitis is a condition carried by all inhabitants of the planet Bob. The people of Bob are asymptomatic, which is why it was a surprise to them when those they met after the people explored other planets would succumb to such, unusual, symptoms.


  • Tingling/numbness in the limbs. This symptom is the first to appear, and starts out barely noticeable. Luckily, the tingling is not constant but instead random spurts.
  • Whitish bark-like growths along the spine.
  • Rainbow coloured faeces. Perhaps the most perplexing symptom.
  • Starry/clouded vision - severity is dependant on age and overall health of the individual.
  • Anxiety/paranoia, the shortest-lasting symptom.
  • Spreading

    While the people of Bob are asymptomatic and instead just carry the disease, those who do not live on Bob are susceptible to the disease. The first symptoms appeared at the same time the Uuyurians of Bob made contact with people of another planet.

    After landing on the nearest planet, Greg, they did not make contact with fellow life-forms as there are none, but they did transmit the disease to the non-sapient life.

    Unfortunately the uuyurians weren't aware of this, so as they discovered other intelligent life-forms they transmitted the disease. The first planet they landed on with intelligent life was not pleased, and the uuyurians were invited to never return.


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    Author's Notes

    Thank you Catoblepon for the idea, and for providing a list of symptoms!
    Thank you Dani for the condition's name!

    Unofficial collaboration for conditions
    Generic article | Nov 3, 2023

    Using same symptoms, each shall write their own conditions... How much will they differ? [Finished]

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