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Seas The Day

10/10 holiday from me. Never have I experienced such peace and calm in my life. I spent most of my week lounging around on the beach, watching the birdlizards as they float about, the tiny little creatures on the sand that like to bring me gifts. I'm taking those gifts home as well. I recommend this place for families of all ages and sizes; there is something here for everyone.
— — Review from a Seas The Day brochure, a beach-themed travel company

Seas the Day is a Karkhalan beach travel and tourism company.

The company is well known for having hotels and tourist parks on hundreds of planets as it is a Trans-Planetary Corporation.


Seas the Day originally started out as an industrial and mining company. The company was previously known as KarInd, short for Karkhala Industrial. After the rise of Karkhala Industries that eventually became an interplanetary enterprise, leaving KarInd behind, the company decided to completely change.

In 4223, four hundred years before present day on Karkhala, the company announced a complete brand change, renaming itself to Seas the Day. The company transformed itself from industry and mining, which was now occupied, to a travel and tourism company.

Over the four hundred years to present day, Seas The Day began setting up hotels and tourist parks across the Yonderverse, within Districts 1 and 2. These hotels, with their signature blue and yellow colour theme, were easily identified and soon the company became synonymous with those colours.

Their futuristic advertisements were developed just a hundred years ago. Light drones places carefully in the night sky, or even in space, formed moving advertisements that were incredibly hard to miss. They showcased the hotels, beaches, and sceneries that one could visit for the "low" prices, which increased the number of tourists per year by about 60%.



Seas The Day's main operation are hotels. Ranging anywhere from a hundred to a thousand rooms, these hotels can be found on over a hundred different beaches on many planets and other celestial objects. The hotels are equipped with public and private swimming pools, saunas, gardens, and many other smaller improvements to the quality of life of those who stay there.


Seas the Day have several spacecraft, aircraft, and watercraft lines.

The company runs several major space and airlines, both for international and interplanetary travel.

As well, they run many cruise lines on oceanic planets and rocky planets with oceans, so tourists can travel to one hotel to another, or simply for the enjoyment of a cruise.

The money from transport alone is substantial - the spacelines alone brought in 25% of the company's profits last year.

SD2 Airlines - District 2 aeroplanes for international travel
SD1 Airlines - District 1 aeroplanes for international travel
SD2 Spacelines - District 2 spacecrafts for interplanetary travel
SD1 Spacelines - District 1 spacecrafts for interplanetary travel
Alternative Names
Karkhala Industrial
That one hotel company that you see everywhere
Parent Organization
Controlled Territories

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