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Glitter Field

The Glitter Field is one of many dimensions only accessed by entering through a black hole. The Glitter Field is accessed through the Glitter Void, the galactic centre of the Pereleos Galaxy.


The Glitter Field is one of the most intriguing dimensions in terms of geographical features. Inside of this pink dimension are floating islands, connected with various species of vibrant vines and flowers that grow in harmony with one another. These plants all form a symbiotic ecosystem, relying on each other to survive. The geography of this dimension has been described as a "paradise for the eccentric" by those who have managed to enter the Glitter Field and return.

Up and down does not exist in the Glitter Field. The seas of the Glitter Field float up and down, left and right, and sometimes merge with floating islands. Floating islands defy gravity, as they roll through the void, crashing into one another to form beautiful new islands.

Anything that gets sucked into this dimension through the Glitter Void is turned into cosmic glitter. This menacing material is sometimes spewed back out to be stuck in the cracks and crevices of spacecrafts, while the majority sits in the Glitter Field, floating through the skies and seas.

Fauna & Flora

An unprecedented amount of fauna and flora species live in the Glitter Field. Researchers have spent years exploring the interconnected islands of this dimension and theorists believe that we have only discovered approximately 0.9% of all species in the Glitter Field. There are a recorded 500,000 fauna species and 200,000 flora species, all found in biomes of similar climates.

On rare occasions, fauna and flora follow cosmic glitter out of this dimension and into the Yonderverse. While space-barriers prevent spacecrafts from getting too close to the black hole, some animals will leave and wander through space. The most horrifying creature native to this dimension are mosaic reapers, seldom feeding on spacecrafts when void butterflies simply won't do.

Accessing the Glitter Field

Despite what many think, not everything that enters the Glitter Void will become glitter. The Glitter Void turns anything it actively sucks in into glitter, while anything that voluntarily enters the black hole and Glitter Field will remain unscathed. Because of this, scientists are able to fly at a high enough speed in spacecrafts where the black hole will not morph them into glitter, allowing them to study the environments of this dimension completely safely.
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