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Astral Sea

Astral seas are large waves of mist that float around in space. They act as though they swallow up environments, the mist gradually creeping through space and covering anything it can find. Feared by many, these areas are full of dangerous lordricarrs and other monsters, that are sure to eat you up. Astral seas are never big enough to swallow planets. They can digest boulders and asteroids, and maybe dwarf planets, but the chance that they eat an entire planet is slim.


Astral seas are made of large waves of mist; purple, pink and blue. The mist is quite dense, spacecrafts significantly slow down in this environment, which makes it harder to traverse. The mist is also completely opaque, dangerous creatures can hide easier in this environment. On top of that, there are many large rocks in this place, and if you can't see them then you can run into them fairly easily. 
If you do decide to enter an astral sea, be very cautious. Drive slowly, as to reduce the risk of being noticed by creatures, and so you don't crash into anything.


The lack of sight in this environment makes it a fun hunting ground for many predators, most famously the lordricarr. A lack of plants means there isn't a proper ecosystem, predators must hope an animal wanders into this environment.
Inhabiting Species


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