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Lord Of The Astral Sea

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Lordricarrs are large unieterrors found in the astral seas of space. They are one of the most dangerous unieterrors, their mouth is made of iron and is bigger than the biggest train on Greenerth (T5 Steam Train).

Basic Information


Lordricarrs, also known as the "Lords of the Astral Seas", are humungous fish like unieterrors. They have a massive jaw, measuring just under a thousand metres wide. The jaws and most of its head are coated in a thick layer of durable iron. Three rows of small eyes rest on the side of its torso. The dorsal fin is very pointed with a row of four spikes on top. The tail is made of 4 flukes, two horizontal and two vertical, sitting on top of the horizontal flukes.

Ecology and Habitats

Lordricarrs swim in the astral seas, made of pink, purple and blue mist that creates a very eerie effect. Like a cuckoo, you'll hear the deafening roars of this beast before you see it, the mist makes it hard to spot. They stay in the mist so they can sneak up on their prey, which makes them both deadly and also makes them easy to avoid: the trick, don't go in the astral sea.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Lordricarrs can obtain nutrients from literally everything. It will bite anything it comes across in the astral seas, and crush it with its metal jaws and swallow. Incredibly strong stomach acids will dissolve meals.
Geographic Distribution


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