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Top Universities in Osao

The Top Universities in Osao is an yearly document of the Top 100 Universities on Osao, as its name implies. Each year officials will travel the planet and will judge each University based on several criteria.

Those Universities who make this list use it as bragging rights for the entire year. Each list is published on the 1st Teef each year, and 1st place is granted the Top University Crown. Dt. Makara's University has taken this crown six years running.

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Author's Notes

I think this takes the cake as the most pointless article I have spent several hours on. Either way, it was fun and now I have a hundred random Universities named that I'll never mention again?? Yay me xD

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Sep 23, 2023 08:03 by Nimin N

One day when you need another one alongside the Sakara Birdwatching University, you got 99 names prepared already! So not entirely pointless. And thanks so much for the feature. <3

Sep 23, 2023 13:21 by Mochi

Yeeees! You're so welcome, thank you for being such a great inspiration for my world <33

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