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Slime Culture

As for any intelligent species, cultures are varied, but this article should provide a general idea of some slime cultures. Slimes are a sophont native to the planet Osao in the Kurhira System, and they are widely known throughout the Yonderverse for their unusual anatomies.



In slime families, the bigger the better. Slimes have up to a hundred children at once, and a family is seen to only be more beneficial the larger they are. Familial hierarchies are based on age; the youngest slimes, once they reach zovering, are in charge of the household. Because slimes are constantly having babies, no slime is in charge of the house for long.


Slimes don't value education much, especially not outside of their core values. Slime schools teach the bare minimum information about general subjects such as math, a handful of languages, slime history, agriculture and architecture. Slime schools begin at age 1 and finish at age 10, and any schools after that are completely optional.

Optional schools for slimes has only been a recent addition to society. These schools are all designed to teach specific subjects, suhc as agriculture schools and historian schools. These schools are very small as most people aren't interested, but over the years they have become more and more popular.


For entertainment slimes love watching sports. Their favourites tend to be sports played by slimes, such as slimeball, and the most viewed sport by slimes is sword wars, because slimes often win due to them rarely taking any form of damage from being stabbed. Sword wars is also one of the few inter-planetary sports slimes are permitted to play, even with their clear advantage.


Criminal activity is seldom seen on Osao, due to slimes being generally quite a content species. Criminal activity in slimes is very common in space colonies, however. Due to slimes being rejected from most gatherings such as pubs, inns, brothels, and other establishments, many slimes seek revenge crimes. More people are becoming accepting of slimes, so slime crimes are becoming rarer but they are still fairly common.


For slimes, death is not a sad thing. Most slimes say that death is inevitable, and therefore it is pointless to get upset over it. Families are large and slimes have a high infant mortality rate, and very few children make it to more than a year old. This isn't seen as a sad thing, but instead those that survive are praised and are supported by parents for their entire life.

Most slimes aren't buried, nor do they have funerals. Slimes will eat their children that die because they are seen as a source of energy and nutrients, and the meals that they turn their children into are praised before consumed.



Slime agriculture is particularly intriguing. Farming is only limited to certain groups of slimes across the globe, but the rate of farming is increased thanks to the natural supply of nutrients in slime's regenerative bodies. Commonly farmed crops include purple bananas, red cress, carrot cacti, ononoans, among many others.

Slime farmers are possibly one of the most respected groups of slimes in space. They have an innate ability to communicate with animal species, which is good help when calming down stressed farm animals. Slime farmers are often on-call to help with space shepherds, as issues tend to arise with some farm animals developing void insanity even if the species is designed to live in the depths of space.


Slime cuisine is very diverse and differs greatly across Osao. Alot of slime cuisine relies on slime itself. Thanks to their regenerative bodies and Excess Slime Production, slime itself is used to bring together many dishes. When added to many grains they make delicious snack bars, which can be eaten on the go.

Slime is eaten in space as well. While many look in horror at the idea of eating part of a person, slimes encourage them to try it at least once. Slime can be prepared in many ways and it is a very versatile substance.


Slime is heavily used in architecture. When combined with cement, it makes squisher concrete which can handle much higher pressure and explosions. Slime architecture is usually bright and bubbly, literally, often using spherical roofs made of slime, which is translucent so light can be let through but also allows for privacy.

Arts & Crafts

Arts and crafts are greatly valued. Homemade gifts are almost always given as a birthday or holiday present, as it shows effort and love has been put into the present. Buying a gift from a shop is a subtle hint that you don't like the person, and is only saved for when slimes want to end relationships.


Calendar & Holidays

Slimes rely on an international calendar that the whole planet follows. This calendar is 146 days, with nine short months with approximately 16 days. Each year the seasons shift, as the Osao Calendar does not align with the planet's seasonal calendar. It was designed to make holidays more interesting, as in different years the temperatures will be different on the same date.


Religion has never had a significant impact on slime culture until recent years. There are few religions on Osao, but many slimes that have mingled in other cultures in space have joined various other religions. There are approximately 17,000 slime followers of Aazakhi, a religion originating from the planet Xiskin that supports cannibalism.

Most religions that slimes follow are nontheistic, meaning there are no deities. Slimes typically follow religions based on duties and obligations, many of which align with deontology. Most slimes are pacifistic which stem from their internal beliefs, but slimes from Osao wouldn't call it a religion.

Superstitions & Myths

Many slimes fear the rainbow worms. Not necessarily a superstition since these animals exist, but stories have gotten out of hand and many historical art pieces depict these horrifying kaleidoscopic serpents wrapping their bodies around the planet, squeezing it into crumbling pieces.

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