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Slime Generator

All slime generators are afflicted with Excess Slime Production, or ESP. These people are hired by companies and corporations, especially in the food and construction industries, to shed their slime while under a contract. Many slimes aren't aware of just how many are slime generators, as approximately 4% of the global population is a slime generator. They are rather unappreciated, even when they power many industries.

Excess Slime Production

Excess slime production, or ESP, is a condition that affects the slime species. It is a genetic condition, passed down through generations, and is somewhat common. Since the Industrial Era on Osao began, slimes with ESP have been used to harvest excess slime for building purposes.

ESP's only symptom is an excess production of slime, colloquially known as goo or goop amongst other names. The amount of excess slime produced depends on the individual, and can be influenced by both genetics and environment.

Company Contracts

Companies and corporations in need of slimes with ESP will search on databases for specific slimes. They will contact these slimes, either remotely using Utopia or will approach them at their house. Contracts vary depending on the company, but typically slimes will be offered a yearly salary anywhere between 50,000 and 70,000 irunats.

Companies will purposely prey on unemployed slimes, as it both benefits the slime and the company as these unemployed slimes tend to have more severe cases of ESP. Most jobs worldwide will have things put in place to help those afflicted with ESP, such as slime drainage systems in every single room, but in some cases it cannot be managed and so the slimes become unemployed.

These contracts are on the low end of an average yearly salary. In most places they leave room for a slime to live just about comfortably, which makes it easier for companies to hire more slimes at once and produce more slime for their own benefit. Slimes under these contracts get money off any purchases with the company, which is why many bulk-buy essentials to get up to 50% off.

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