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Excess Slime Production

Excess slime production, or ESP, is a condition that affects the slime species. It is a genetic condition, passed down through generations, and is somewhat common. Since the Industrial Era on Osao began, slimes with ESP have been used to harvest excess slime for building purposes.

Symptoms & Cause

ESP's only symptom is an excess production of slime, colloquially known as goo or goop amongst other names. The amount of excess slime produced depends on the individual, and can be influenced by both genetics and environment.

ESP is a condition that has been in recorded history ever since slimes first started appearing. The excess slime deterred predators by making them less appetising, and causing blockages in their digestive systems. This condition was most effective when slimes still has skeletal systems, but as they evolved to lose them they lost any predators they had, thus making this condition obsolete.

Industrial Uses

Slime has proven to be one of the most useful resources, not just for construction of buildings but also in the culinary world.


You'll find most buildings on Osao are made partly, or entirely of slime. Slimes naturally regenerate their body parts very quickly, so this resource is easy to gather in large quantities. The Industrial Era first began approximately 500 years ago, where almost all industries on the planet saw huge progression. Arguably the biggest improvement was in the building industry, as slime became the most used resources in building construction.

Building companies began seeking out slimes afflicted with ESP, especially severe cases. Facilities worldwide were constructed to extract this excess slime in the most humane way possible, to be transported and used in construction. Since these facilities were set up, there has been a 300% increase in city expansions.


The culinary industry has also seen a great improvement in recent years. Slime is a very versatile substance, and cannibalism isn't frowned upon in slime society since body parts can regenerate within hours. Slime is used in a great portion of dishes, including the continental dishes of Unuth, Ecela and Uaelor.

Cultural Reception

On Osao ESP is not frowned upon. Most slimes secrete slime themselves, so those with mild cases of ESP go unnoticed and it's common for walkways to be coated in goop anyways. It is a much different story for slimes living out-of-planet. Slimes have not been approved of in space societies until recently, and it has been much worse for slimes with ESP. Most other people find slimes unsanitary and bar them from entering various establishments, and it is worse for those with ESP that secrete more slime than others.

Chronic, Congenital

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