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Slime Rot

Slime rot is a fungal infection that affects a number of slimes. It is linked to unhealthy lifestyles, often when slimes are in unsanitary environments.

Symptoms & Cause

Slime rot is caused by the slime rotting fungus. These fungi grow in unsanitary conditions, such as stagnant water and urban environments that aren't cleaned semi-frequently. The spores of the fungi travel through the air and through contact, and infect slimes.

The body parts that the spores come into contact with are infected, and thankfully the spore do not spread much further. Assuming the body part is an appendage, the spores will cut off the blood supply and the body part will rot over time, and in extreme cases the body part may fall off. When the rotting begins it is impossible to reverse the damage, but further rotting can be prevented.

The rotting of slime first appears as small fungal dots around where spores have landed. These spots expand until there is nothing but a fungal lining around the rotting body-part. The fungal lining will progress to the interior of the slime's body, until a barrier will be formed which prevents blood from accessing this body part. Slimes do not have veins, and blood simply disperses throughout the gelatinous body.

Terminal Slime Rotting

Unfortunately, when the spores come into contact with a slime's torso or main body it will most likely become terminal. If the rotting occurs on a slime's internal corpa, then death is a guarantee. Since the internal corpa is located in the middle of slime's bodies, it is most protected and spores can't get through slime clothing. Despite this, ripped and tattered clothing are not advised since spores can get through and attack the corpa.

Rot Prevention

Various creams and lotions aid in preventing further rotting. These lotions contain anti-rotting bacteria which specifically targets the slime rotting fungus. This bacteria can be, and is, artificially grown, and put in high quantities in these lotions to make them as effective as possible. The bacteria has no effect on the slime's body other than specifically targeting the rot, and it prevents any further rotting by literally consuming all of the actively rotting cells.

Cultural Perception

Despite slime rot not being the fault of the person in many cases, people with this condition are generally looked down upon in slime culture. People afflicted with slime rot are seen as unsanitary and are generally avoided, especially by richer folk who want to protect their self-worth.

Slime rot is synonymous with poorer civilisations, especially ones without adequate sanitation. The Unuth Glitter Forest has the highest percentage of slimes afflicted with slime rot, simply due to the quality of the sanitation and climate that seems to catalyse slime rot. 14% of the population of slimes in the Unuth Glitter Forest have slime rot, which is more than twice the percentage of any other place on the planet.

Chronic, Acquired

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