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Creatures of Osao

Bapycara by Mochi
Azure-Striped Pecker by Mochi
Balloon Bird
Balloon birds are an animal species in its own family, all by itself. These animals have a large air sac above their heads and bodies, which contains neon. Balloon birds are able to extract the neon from the Osaoan air, displacing it through the thin skin sheets of their bulbous air sacs, which allows them to float as well as giving them a bright glow.

Bapycaras are the cuddliest critters from Osao. These squishy mammals are the largest rodent species on the planet, and the bright pink colouration makes them stand out in the teal umbrella forests they inhabit. They are endemic to the Unuth Glitter Forest, where they camouflage from the colour-blind carnivores.

Coral Otter
Coral otters are adorable animals from the Coral Desert in Ecela. They share a symbiotic relationship with the coral from the desert - the coral photosynthesise while the otters roam about, allowing the polyps to be disposed in new areas and therefore spreading the species.

Cottage Squid
Cottage squids are a family of small squids, and are the most common cephalopods in the Ink Kingdom of Aecotia. They are known to make small houses out of clay and dirt, above sea level yet filled with water. They range from just a centimetre in length to over a foot long.

Death Pig
Death pigs are a cute, aggressive mammal species from across the planet. Aside from slimes, they are one of the most common animals on the planet, often kept as pets. The origin of their names puzzles most, as these are neither pigs nor associated with death.

Common Desele
Hoary deseles are perplexing animals. They are able to completely shed their feathers, and by manipulating aeromagic they are able to fly without any feathers. Common deseles resemble hoary deseles almost exactly, but significant differences in genes make them entirely different birds. This is a form of convergent evolution, where two animals that aren't related both evolve with similar features.

Firecrackers are a medium sized bird species native to the Unuth Glitter Forest. They produce loud booming calls, used to scare off predators and draw worms and other animals to the ground surface to eat. They are hired for New Year's celebrations, as their calls initiate the New Year.

Hoary Desele
Hoary deseles are a bird species from Aecotia. They are a greyish white, and produce melodic calls which are unmistakeable.

Howling Parakeet
A small parakeet species from the Zcarazas Plains in Unuth. Howling parakeets have an unmistakeable call, which mimics large predators in an attempt to scare off smaller predators that may want to hunt them. Howling parakeets live in large flocks and have a "home tree", where they all nest together.

The friendliest of creatures from Osao, get on an igelehn's bad side and it will chase you down until it has stomped you deep into the ground. Many slimes choose igelehns as transport, thanks to their ability to carry several tonnes (slimes weigh next to nothing, anyways) and their incredible speeds and stamina.

Land Whale
Land whales are a large cetacean species from the Coral Desert in Ecela. They are generally docile, and because of their size aren't targeted by predators. They consume about 50kg of coral a day, combatting the invasive spreading of the land coral.

Nimble Fingers
Nimble fingers are a species of moth that spends ten weeks as a caterpillar, and the very last day of their lives as a moth. They are a common sight all over Uaelor, as they absorb the toxic chemicals in the soil and turn it into energy, instead of consuming food.

Peckers are a small passerine family found worldwide. There are countless subspecies, and these birds get their name from their annoying behaviours. They enjoy pecking at door frames and windows, sometimes causing property damage.
  • Azure-Winged Pecker
  • Blue-Winged Pecker
  • Starlight Pecker
  • Starry Pecker


    Rainbow Worm
    Rainbow Worm are the apexiest of apex predators on Osao. They are ever-growing, ever-eating animals that roam the entire planet. Be wary, as they are incredibly dangerous and can destroy towns and cities with ease.

    Shellbugs are small insects native to Unuth and Ecela. They have seven body segments, each equipped with a hard shell. On the last few days of their lives a pair of wings will emerge, and the insects will fly to a brand new location and lay thousands of eggs.

    Shurtles are small, semi-aquatic reptiles. They inhabit the vibrant glitter pools and umbrella trees of teal biomes on the planet. Shurtles are more dangerous than their calm nature leads them to believe, thanks to their incredible sharp shells.

    Slimes are the only intelligent species on the planet. Many question how they formed, as they have no visible organs despite being translucent. Slimes live on all five continents, and are a hyper-adaptive species which means they are perfectly suited to any environment they live in.

    Sternets are one of the few solely carnivorous bird species on Osao. They have long legs with two toes facing forwards and two facing backwards, which helps them grip prey. They are a bright blue in colour and they have incredibly light feathers on their bellies, to hide them from animals below.


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