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Shurtles are small, semi-aquatic reptiles from Osao. They inhabit the vibrant glitter pools and umbrella trees of teal biomes on the planet. Shurtles are more dangerous than their calm nature leads them to believe, thanks to their incredible sharp shells.


Shurtles have the flattest body of any turtle species. They have flat, blue and green hexagonal scales on their shells, with sharp scales circling the rim of the shell, sticking outwards like a throwing star. Their heads are small, as are their two arms and two leg. They have webbed feet, that can be tucked back into their shells when threatened. Their arms and legs are very flexible, and help them climb up trees with ease.

Because their shells are so much bigger than their actual bodies, they can tuck their head, short stubby tail, arms and legs inside and seal the holes with a thick flap of skin. When inside their shells they must hold their breath as there is no flow of air, and they must come out of their shells after thirty minutes.


Shurtles have a diet of mostly plant material. They target the leaves of umbrella trees that don't contain mini-pools, as they live in the water and would be destroying their own habitat which they would rather not. When there are no more empty leaves they can eat, they will resort to eating other animals. Usually they will eat their own eggs, but if that is not an option then they will wait perfectly still for something to swim or walk past, and they will shoot their heads out and snap at the prey.

Shurtle Shells

Shurtles are well known for their shurtle shells. These shells are very flat, with a sharp rim made of spiked scales. These animals are an abundant species thanks to their egg laying, therefore slimes are more than happy to harvest a percentage of the population for their own use.

The animals are placed in steaming water alive, where they are boiled. Their skin will soften, allowing for the flesh to be scooped out. The meat is eaten in various spices, while the shell is cleaned and occasionally decorated. The shells are mostly used for ornamental and decorative purposes, but they were originally used as weapons. Their aerodynamic shaping and sharp rim makes for impressive weapons when thrown.

5 years
Average Height
3 cm
Average Length
10 - 15 cm
Geographic Distribution

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