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Solotolo Soosoo

Solotolo Soosoo is a Slime media personality and socialite, known for her rise to fame on various social media platforms on Utopia out of nowhere. She spent a major part of life in the limelight, but now she hides in the shadows after she got too absorbed in the celebrity scene.

Rise To Fame

Solotolo's rise to fame came seventeen years ago when she posted a video of herself falling down several flights of stairs in a hotel. She posted it on Spacestar, a video hosting platform, where it quickly went viral, amassing almost a trillion views, which was an astronomical amount for slimes.

She quickly started posting more videos, her account growing by the minute. She peaked at 623 million followers before deactivating her account. Two weeks after this milestone she attended the Reien Festival, a festival for celebrities. This was the first time she was referred to as a celebrity, and people were both filled with confusion and admiration.

Rock Bottom

Solotolo hit what she called rock bottom at the age of 39, when a video was leaked about her insulting her legion of followers. The video sent shockwaves round Spacestar, and viewers were outraged. Millions of hate comments were left on her accounts on other social media sites, and she quickly privated said accounts. Not a single site heard from her since then, six years ago. People often wonder where she has disappeared to, but alas nobody has even gotten a glimpse of her.

3 beady black eyes
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dark orange slime

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