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Osao Biomes

The biomes on Osao are classified by colour. There are seven colours: red, orange, yellow, teal, light blue, dark blue, and pink. Each biome colour displays vastly different climates, yet each seperate location can differ from each other in terms of fauna, flora, geology and overall geography.

Red Biomes

Red biomes can be found on Uaelor, Unuth, and Eudan. Red biomes are the hottest of the seven biomes, the hottest place on the planet being the Unuth Red Desert, a red desert in the west of Unuth.

The red biomes are generally the least inhabited, as the high temperatures make it difficult for species to live without adaptations.



Deserts on Osao all fall under the "red biome" category. These deserts contain lots of iron, which produces the red colour. All red biomes on Osao are these iron-rich deserts, and various corporations from different planets have expressed their interest in the deserts, as they don't just contain masses of iron, but other minerals that can be sold for high prices. However, the resident slimes of the planets will not allow other planets to take Osao's resources.

Orange Biomes

Orange biomes are a hot biome, along with red biomes. They are found alongside red and yellow biomes, in Uaelor, Unuth and Aecotia. There are a total of five orange biomes on the mainlands of continents, along with many orange biome islands in Aecotia.

Some of the largest settlements on the planet are found in orange biomes. Xexiala, the third largest city on the planet, is found in the Burning Slopes, an orange desert in the central Uaelor.

Burning Slopes

The Burning Slopes is the most famous orange biome on the planet. This orange desert is located in central Uaelor, and is characterised by the swirling hills, the top of the hills with small vents, where fire infrequently erupts.

Carrot Lands

The Carrot Lands are named as such because of the millions of carrot-like cacti that grow across the entire biome. The Carrot Lands are found in the northwest of Uaelor, and the carrot cacti grow up to three metres tall.

Yellow Biomes


Yellow biomes are the only biome colour found on every single continent on Osao. Unlike other biome colours where each location differs, yellow biomes all consist of yellow land-corals atop interesting rock formations, with small rivers etching their way through the sand.

Yellow biomes are typically inhabited with smaller settlements, rather than fewer, large cities.

Teal Biomes

Teal biomes are found on every continet aside from Aecotia. The most famous teal biome is the Teal Umbrella Forest; a forest made of teal-coloured trees with umbrella shapes leaves that generate small ponds inside each leaf. The Teal Umbrella Forest is also completely submerged in a thick layer of mist.

Teal biomes are generally tropical or subtropical, with a great amount of flora species and fauna species unique to these biomes.

Light Blue Biomes

Light blue biomes are another biome colour found in every single continent except Aecotia. Light blue biomes are typically cool in temperature, usually around 15℃ to 20℃ during summers.


Light blue forests are common, and alongside grasslands are the most common light blue biome you'll find. These forests are usually sparse, and as a lot of light reaches the ground floor, the groundcover is extremely dense.


If light blue biomes aren't forests, they are usually grasslands. Light blue grasslands generate small amounts of electricity if you run through the foliage, and as a result slime technology is more advanced than one would expect.

Dark Blue Biomes

There are only two dark blue biomes, in Unuth and Eudan. The largest dark blue biome is the Dark Umbrella Forest in Unuth, bordering the Teal Umbrella Forest. This forest contains almost identical fauna and flora species, only with a darker blue colour palette.

Thanks to slime folklore and mythology, the two dark blue biomes are feared amongst the majority of the slime population. Stories of dangerous monsters are often told around the campfire on dark nights, and as a result the dark blue biomes are not inhabited by slimes and are seldom explored. Slimes do not know much about dark blue biomes, and if they explored more they'd realise they have nothing to fear - the biomes, like the rest of the planet, is completely harmless.

Pink Biomes

Pink biomes are found on three continents: Aecotia, Unuth and Eudan. Pink biomes are found on the mainland of the latter two, but as various islands in Aecotia. Pink biomes are often regarded as the most beautiful, as pink is generally a colour associated with beauty to slimes.

The most populated pink biome by slimes is the Forest of Beauty, in northern Eudan.

Biome Colours
Light Blue
Dark Blue
Osao is a rocky planet in the Kurhira System, one of eleven. It is characterised by an entirely tropical climate, with average temperatures (Celsius) in the forties, year round.   Five continents make up the majority of dry land on Osao. These five continents are home to perplexing lifeforms, intriguing peoples, and gorgeous sceneries.

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