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Head Legional Mansion

One of the largest buildings in Sakara, the Head Legional Mansion is the shared home for the five Head Legionals, which rotate as the seat of executive power in the Osao Space Legion.

These five leaders of the Osao Space Legion enforce the laws and legislations that affect the Milky Way, giving them astronomical power in the galaxy. That being said, most of their time is spent advertising their planet on social media.

Constructed atop the cliff that stands behind Sakara, the mansion is used as a beacon to guide people to the city. The building itself is covered in a thin layer of chrome glass, which attracts light, making the mansion visible from vast distances out in the ocean.


The Head Legional Mansion was constructed in the year 205DMS, the same year that the Osao Space Legion was founded. This building served as the home for the five designated Head Legionals; the mansion is so large that there is adequate space for each person to have an average house-sized section to the building.

The first ever Head Legionals that moved into the building decided to host a tea party. Fifty lucky guests were invited from around the world, all of a high political, celebrity, or both statuses. The tea party was livestreamed on Utopia, where it ammassed a maximum viewcount of 40,583,294, an extraordinary number considering Osao as a planet hadn't established itself well on the platform.

Xexialan Relocation

Due to the ever-approaching threat of cliffside erosion around Sakara, in just a couple thousand years the mansion might be at risk of collapsing, since its infrastructure is embedded into the cliffside, and erosion could disrupt it. Plans are currently being drafted to lift up the entire mansion, roots and all, and place it on an artificial floating island orbiting Xexiala, the planet's only airborne city.

The artificial island has already been constructed; the difficult part comes with transferring ownership of the building from Sakara to Xexiala. It makes more sense in general for the mansion to be located in Xexiala since the Osao Space Legion's Planetary Base is there too, but unfortunately Sakara owns the rights to the mansion and the Sakaran Council is refusing to give it up. The mansion brings in lots of tourism, which benefits the city.

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