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Gelletti's Penguin

Gelletti's penguin is the only penguin species found on Osao. They reside within the Pygoscelis genus; also known as brush-tailed penguins, these penguins are small in size.


Gelletti's penguins seldom reach more than two feet in height. They are easily recognisable, not only being the only penguin species on the planet, but their bright yellow and black plumage. Their bodies are mostly black, with a yellow belly and a stripe from their neck, reaching down to the base of their stubby tails.

Because of the warm climates these penguins inhabit, they have just a thin layer of insulating feathers. They need these insulating feathers because of the depths they dive, but it bites them in the butt when it comes to resting in the evenings, when their feathers can retain too much heat.

Gelletti's penguins are sexually dimorphic. Males are ever so slightly larger than females, with slightly denser feathers. Female penguins also have more yellow plumage, with a thicker yellow band running down their backs.


The vast majority of the diet of these birds are cephalopods, due to them dominating the Ink Kingdom. Cottage squids form most of their diets thanks to their small size and relative defencelesness.

If cephalopods are hard to come by, Gelletti's penguins will also eat crustaceans and small fish; as opportunistic hunters, they will eat whatever is easiest to hunt at the time.

Reproduction & Growth

Breeding colonies of these penguins are found on small islands isolated from slime civilisations. They form their "nests" on rocky surfaces, spending months breaking down the rock to form small pits, no more than a couple inches in diameter and depth, to lay their eggs in.

Gelletti's Penguins by Mochi

To decide a mate, females will choose a male who can offer them the largest pebble. Males will roll the biggest pebble they can to their female of choice - some choose pebbles too large to be moved, and are rejected by females.


The A to Zoo's phylogenetic tree puts Gelletti's penguins in the same genus as many well-known penguin species, as they all share the same general physical structure. These penguins are one of the smallest in their genus, Pygoscelis. The A to Zoo also recognises two subspecies.

  • P. g. allorenis - Southern Gelletti's Penguin - The smaller of the two Gelletti's penguins, reaching 65cm in height. Found in the Southern waters of the Ink Kingdom.
  • P. g. yunaus - Yunatic Gelletti's Penguin - Found all over the Ink Kingdom, they have the smallest hint of orange around their eyes.
  • Habitat

    Gelletti's penguins inhabit the Ink Kingdom on planet Osao. The majority of the population inhabits the Inky Isles, to the South and West of Aecotia. They frequent large rock formations, where they nest during nesting seasons.

    They can adapt to different climates quite easily - as long as temperatures and humidities aren't too different from their native ranges, they will survive. Sakara Birdwatching University has a small collection of seven Gelletti's penguins, in a large enclosure designed to mimic its native environment. These penguins, thanks to their docile natures and wide range of movements and speeds, they are good practice for amateur birdwatchers to take quality pictures.

    Osao is a rocky planet in the Kurhira System, one of eleven. It is characterised by an entirely tropical climate, with average temperatures (Celsius) in the forties, year round.   Five continents make up the majority of dry land on Osao. These five continents are home to perplexing lifeforms, intriguing peoples, and gorgeous sceneries.
    Scientific Name
    Pygoscelis gellettii
    10 years
    Average Height
    60 cm
    Geographic Distribution
    Gelletti's penguins are named after Alvas Gelletti. Due to its origin, it is common practice to use a capital letter for "Gelletti" unlike most other species.
    Pygoscelis gellettii

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