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Shiverfish are a species of fish found worldwide in the oceans Osao. They are found around coral reefs, which there is an abundance of, particularly in the North of the Osao Ocean. They are easy to catch and known for their large lower jaw, which extends far above their upper jaw in a spine shape.

They are often excess industrial fishing catches, rarely growing more than five centimetres in length and so not valuable in cooking. They live at the surface of the water, consuming dead plant matter in small shoals and scattering whenever and predator comes within a hundred metre radius.

Shiverfish by Mochi

To scare off predators that get closer, they begin vibrating. This sends alarming signals through the water in an attempt to scare off predators that use electroreceptors to detect prey.

Scientific Name
Huam glaphydis
5 years
Average Length
5 centimetres
Geographic Distribution

Cover image: Osao Header by Mochi


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