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Sakara Fishing Platform

The Sakara Fishing Platform is one of many of its kind floating in the Osao Ocean. It is the number one fishing platform on the planet in terms of fish caught, bringing in tonnes upon tonnes of fish daily. It is important, not only industrially but culturally, as the platform has raised many questions as to the ethics behind mass-fishing.

The platform is 300 metres wide and long, with three floors in the complex. It is tethered to the seafloor using seventy five hundred metre long steel wires embedded into the ground. The landmark contains a floor of apartments, a floor for controls, and a floor for storage, holding catches for up to a week before shipping them off worldwide.


Firehead by Mochi

This industrial fishing platform was constructed in 640 in an effort to quench the demand for fish. The food was becoming much more popular globally and so the Sakara Council attempted to capitalise on it.

Around 650 the demand for fish skyrocketed. The food was unlike anything eaten on the planet and with continental travel becoming more popular around this time, the spread of fish was increasing. This fishing complex was finding itself overworked and overrun, forcing them to hire a barrage of workers.

In 791 a scientific paper was published, addressing the rise in a number of mysterious illnesses. The paper came to the conclusion that a diet with an excessive amount of fish causes over twenty different illnesses in slimes, which sent shockwaves round Osao. Many swore fish off their diets, refusing to purchase any. This killed the fishing industry for almost a hundred years, sending the workers of this fishing platform into a state of panic.

According to various statistics, the fishing industry would continue to suffer until around the early 900s. People were starting to consume more fish, after realising they can eat some amount of fish without suffering. This brought some life back into the platform, and workers could financially rely on it again.

Mysterious Finds

Since the 800s, reports of unusual species being fished up has spread around this fishing platform. The industrial fishing bring in thousands of fish at once, usually of a specific species. At the time the complex was constructed there was little knowledge of the ecology of the Osao Ocean, so many new species were discovered from this fishing.

A handful of species discovered at the Sakara Fishing Platform are quite well known, such as fireheads and urchinfish, the former popular in aquariums. The industrial fishing rods and fishing nets can reach up to one and a half thousand metres below sea level, quite a ways into the Bathypelagic, or Illuminated Zone.

Urchinfish by Mochi

In the last hundred years the complex has pulled up several creatures of enormous proportions, never seen before. They have been described as biological anomalies and freaks, with tentacles, arms, legs, sails, fins, beaks, wings, all on one body. The complex has attempted to keep this private but as expected word got out and the scientific community keeps flocking to the fishing platform every time one of these mysterious animals is caught.

Refinery / Industrial complex
Parent Location
Unfortunately, the Sakara Fishing Platform isn't all that safe. Over three hundred workers have drowned in the waters, by falling off the edge due to either incompetence or strong winds, causing the fishing complex to rock.

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