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One of the many rare stone types from Osao, seastone is a precious stone found in small quantities along shorelines. This soft, bright blue stone exists in large veins, forming raised lattices along sandy beaches. Seastone is a difficult resource to collect since the coastlines of the Ink Kingdom and various other coastal coralspikes are guarded by menacing crustaceans and cephalopods, that swarm at the feet of slimes and nibble at their squishy bodies.

Where it is legal to mine, seastone has been extracted and used in sculptures. Thanks to its flexibility, sculptors find it an easy material to use and its bright colour means less money is spent on blue paint. The largest sculpture made of seastone is the Seaslime's Whart, a statue of a large fish that sits on the docks of Sakara.

A Crime To Mine


You're risking a lot if you want to mine seastone. This resource is protected by the Ink Kingdom Environment Act 646, which prevents the extraction of this resource within the Ink Kingdom, as it is vital to ecosystems. Its porous form provides a home for petite coastal sealife, such as small crustaceans, various cephalopods and insects, and digging up any seastone will cause thousands of animals to migrate, destroying precious ecosystems along the way, causing disaster wherever they go.

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