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Lava Cream

Lava cream is a topical applicant designed to cure aches and pains for slimes. The cream itself is made from various natural substances, not lava despite the name. The lotion typically comes in small bottles and is used on all parts of the body.


Lava cream comes with many uses. Its main use is to soothe aches and pains. The warm sensation derived from the natural ingredients eases pains and pressure on any body. Lava cream is often used to heal injuries that seemingly can't be regenerated, such as a deep wound that reached the internal corpas.

Lava cream can also be used to appear more conventionally attractive. If applied around the whole body, you will produce a glowing effect which many slimes find to be more attractive. This glowing effect does happen to other sophonts, but it is much more prominent on slimes as it is designed for them.


Lava cream is primarily made of water, slime, and the seeds and pollen of lavaweed. About 60% water and 40% slime is mixed together in a pot, with ground up seeds and pollen from lavaweed plants added after the solution becomes relatively thick. If enough lavaweed ingredients are added, the solution will become a bright orange colour.

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