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Pijhi Popp

One of few currencies used on Osao aside from charms, pijhi popps are an unusually shaped form of currency. Made of a hardened slime compound, the popps are only traded and recognised in the umbrella forests of Unuth.

These isolated settlements use popps as they are easily made - the slime compounds used harden quicker in humid environments. They are designed to stack together, and so making a large purchase is done with a brick of popps, wrapped up in silk ropes for carrying convenience. They are mildly sticky and require a small amount of effort to pull apart.

Orange Popp 4 charms
Blue Popp 17 charms
Green Popp 35 charms


Pijhi popps are roughly one and a half thousand years old, predating charms. They were implemented as a form of currency to form their own identity, separate from the rest of Unuth which used marigolds, until the invasion of charms.

The currency had spread from the umbrella forests into the Unuth Glitter Forest and the coastal coralspikes in the East. When charms arrived on the planet they were replaced in these areas, and in modern day only select settlements, both small and large, in the various Unuth umbrella forests refuse to upgrade to charms, which is a much faster and simpler system to use.

Pijhi Popp by Mochi
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These items are named ofter Pijhi Poppadoo, the inventor of this currency. He was a philosopher and mathematician, who spent his entire life nestled in his secluded home. One day, he pitched this currency's idea to his local council and left, never to be seen again.

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