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Major Landmarks of Osao

Inky Palace

Ink Kingdom

The largest singular building in the Ink Kingdom, the Ink Palace is home to this region's Hex Queen. It is constructed of fast-growing coral and other polyps, carved and wrapped in some places in thick kelp to preserve it.

This particular Hex Queen is rather pugnacious. She spends most of her time in her palace, avoiding contact with what she deems to be "normies", and spends her entire life scrolling through various social media platforms on Utopia, ammassing billions of followers who find her luxurious lifestyle endearing.

Head Legional Mansion

Coral Desert

The Head Legional Mansion can be found in Sakara, where the other four Head Legionals on rotation live, whilst they are not serving for their planet.

Osao Head Legional Mansion by Mochi

Grandmaster's Lair

Burning Slopes

Floating in the sky next to Xexiala, the Grandmaster's Lair can only be accessed by tourists once a year. The Slimeball Grandmaster doesn't take kindly to visitors, as he enjoys his life of solitude.

The Grandmaster announced his title thirty years ago, when he won seven consecutive slimeball matches. It was unheard of, since volunteers aren't generally picked to play two slimeball matches in a row, but somehow he managed to disguise his identity. Nevertheless, he has become a sports icon despite his nasty attitude.

Arcoraptor Refuge

Arid Flatlands

An animal farmed for their feathers, arcoraptors are speedy critters from the Ink Kingdom. Tucked away in the Arid Flatlands is the Arcoraptor Refuge, a sanctuary dedicated to rescuing injured raptors.

Currently housing three hundred raptors, the refuge is constantly expanding, receiving government grants to stay alive.

Treacher's Hall

Coral Mountain

The highest elevated building on the planet, Treacher's Hall is nestled at the peak of Coral Mountain. Several thousand year old markings are carved into the walls of this hallway, and at the very end is a throne fit for a legendary figure.

The hallway is named after its maker, a treacherous slime who abandoned his previous life to live a peaceful life in the mountain.

Landy's Mark

Ecela Plains

Owned by Landy Lay, Landy's Mark is the most popular brothel in the Ecela Plains. Want your slime to be squished? Come visit Landy's Mark, where you can visit alone, with friends, with strangers or companions. This building is open to all who wishes to enter, denying nobody the pleasure they wish to experience.

Cover image: Osao Header by Mochi


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