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Sandy Coast Fungus

Sandy coast fungi are one of the largest, and only, species of giant fungus on Talerin. Growing on coastlines, they act as natural obstacles that helps build up sand dunes.

Basic Information


These fungi species have a very thick stem, being very wrinkly they are more effective at catching sand. Their stems have several rings of white frills, these are also designed to catch sand. As the fungus grows, the stem gets longer, thicker, wrinklier, and gains more frills. The cap is vary wide, semi-spherical, with a thin layer of gills that are only a few inches long. The leathery cap is a dark brown, with paler brown spots which increase in size as they age and grow.

Genetics and Reproduction

Sandy coast fungi produce many spores which are released into the sands. As the spores roll down the dunes from the gills under the cap, they are brushed away from the wind, further away than the sand. If some are lucky, they are able to roll down to the bottom of the dune, the wind can drag them and they get lodged at the bottom of the dune, where they can then grow.

Growth Rate & Stages

Like prehensile mushrooms, these fungi grow the cap first. The cap grows to its full size close to the ground with a stem a few centimetres tall, and then the stem grows. Because of the weight of the cap on the short stem, deformities appear, with slanted stems and falling caps. The stem grows, and thickens as it ages, but it is supported by the sand dunes. They grow dependant on the height of the sand dune, as the dune gets higher and more sand piles on, the fungi will continue to grow higher to make sure the cap reaches out of the dune's peak.

Ecology and Habitats

Predictably, these fungi can be found growing along coastlines, specifically in the Dry Reef region and its neighbouring region, the Hammered Plateau. They grow on sandy shores, where sand dunes are formed. The spores grow just in front of the dunes, and the wrinkly stems of the fungi are used to support the sand dunes as they grow.
Geographic Distribution


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