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Threadtails are large dragons found on various islands on Dracosei. They are famous for their unique body shape and abnormally long tail.

Basic Information


Threadtails have an unusually thin body. Their head is connected via a very long neck. The head has a long snout, with 2 sharp horns jutting out the end of both jaws. The eyes are present just above the end of the upper jaw. The arms and legs possess 3 claws each, and the inner claw is double the size of the others. The wings stick out just above the arms, acting as a third pair of arms, being able to grip the ground. The long, slender tail is the most noticeable feature. It is roughly three times as long as the dragon's torso. The tail ends in a yellow, kite shaped feature.

Genetics and Reproduction

Threadtails lay eggs between June-August. The eggs are a mottled brown and dark green. There are several spikes along the sides forming a neat row upwards.   Nests are found in large nests on treetops. It is built with many branches, sticks, moss, feathers, rocks, whatever it finds.

Ecology and Habitats

Threadtails live in forests, building their nests in the treetops and spending a lot of time hunting in the rivers, disguising itself as the riverbed. They are comfortable in and out of water, so semi-aquatic.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Threadtails often eat fish, small mammals and birds, but also many berries too. They will sit on the riverbed, its mottled colouring looking like rocks and moss, and its tail will flow through the water, the end looking like some food. Fish go to eat the tail and the dragon turns extremely fast to eat it.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The dragon can hear for about a mile, which is fairly bad for a dragon, most dragons hear about 3 miles away.


Threadtails breathe a beam of white fire. This fire is encircled with a dozen or so rings of the fire. When it hits its target it explodes, dealing extra damage.
70 years
Average Height
3 metres
Average Length
19 metres

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