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Golden Drone

Golden drones are a small, nocturnal dragon species from the Kazaharo Cliffs on Dracosei.


Golden drones have a typical dragon anatomy; a large head, long neck, broad shoulders, thick legs, strong tail and very large wings. However, they are only considered large compared to the body of the dragon, as the entire creature grows up to about 20cm long. The scales of the dragon are a luxurious gold, and the creatures are hunted by bounty hunters for their scales, as they are used in jewelry and fashionable clothing.
Their heads are adorned with crowns of sorts, small spikes growing out of the head in a crown position, tipped with different coloured scales that represent jewels.
At night times, the dragon scales will start to glow, because they are partly made of luciferin, a compound that glows when it reacts with light.

Habitat & Location

Golden drones are found on only one island: the Kazaharo Cliffs. This island has many biomes, all inhabited by golden drones. While they only nest in large mushrooms found towards the northwest of the island, golden drones can be found all over. They are also most common in the northwest of the island, just east of Straggler's Bay, and occasionally found within the Glazed Village.

Relationships & Reproduction

Golden drones mate just one night of the year, on the night of the fifth full moon of the year. it is unknown how these dragons are able to know exactly what night this is, and why the dragons only mate on this night.


Like their scales, golden drone eggs are a golden colour. These tiny eggs are valued with egg collectors, and are valuable thanks to their rarity. Luckily for said egg collectors, golden drones lay many eggs in a clutch, so when you eventually find some, you can take home hundreds - not that you should.


Golden drones build elaborate nests on the underside of giant mushroom caps, within hte various mushroom forests of the Kazaaharo Cliffs. These nests are made of mushroom caps, secured with a saliva the female golden drones produce during nesting season. Some dragons prefer burrowing into the mushroom, however, but too many nests within one mushroom leads to it dying, and each pair has to search for a new mushroom.

Growth Rates & Stages

Golden drones grow incredibly fast, because as a juvenile they are extremely vulnerable to predation. They still are as adults, thanks to their size, but baby golden drones are even more so. From birth, baby dragons know how to breathe fire, while other species develop their flame glands as they age, and learn how to breathe fire alongside that.


Golden drones are insectivores, preying on the various critters on the island. During nights, golden drones will prey on insects as they sleep, making for easy meals. During dusks, golden drones will practice their aerial abilities and will dive-bomb insects flying about in the air, particularly ones gathering in swarms above ponds and lakes.

Captive Golden Drones

Golden drones are commonly kept by royals, particularly those in Maerkhor. Their colouration and the "crowns" on their heads make them perfect companions for the rich. Queen Maila, in the north of Maerkhor, owns two golden drones, Satila and Aule, following her side wherever she goes, including meeting with other rulers of kingdoms.
10 years
Average Length
Geographic Distribution
Average Wingspan
35 - 40 cm

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