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The ocean in Dracosei is full of terrifying monsters, waveriders are no exception. They are large serpent like dragons that blend in with the dark depths, and are an expert hunter. They are famous for their colour changing scales, that change colours when they are on land or in water.

Basic Information


They are about 45 feet long, their long tail making up most of their body length. Its jaws can stretch up to 160º. They have many horns on their head. A thick layer of mucus lines their entire body, making them very slippery. The dragon has 2 pairs of wings, the main pair used for flying and swimming, and a smaller pair of wings that are used to steer. The long tail ends in four spikes, which snakes out when prey escapes.   Underwater, their scales appear turquoise-blue. This helps them blend in with the waters. On land, the scales are a bright red. This makes the dragon easy to spot, making the dragon an easy target for larger creatures that may want to eat them.

Genetics and Reproduction

Waveriders lay large clumps of eggs, similar to frogs and toads. The translucent eggs are covered in a large blob of mucus.

Ecology and Habitats

Waveriders thrive in deeper waters. They swim along the seabed, finding an ample location to wait for prey. They can survive out of water comfortably, as they possess both gills and lungs. They prefer to remain underwater because their red scales on land are very bright and they become an easy target.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Waveriders are limited to eating fish. They bury themselves in the sand underwater, and dangle their tongue which, to fish, looks like a little worm. They wait for a fish to bite the tongue, and then the dragon snaps its mouth shut. If there is no food where they live they enter shallow waters and lagoons and will hunt down fish.


These dragons breathe a pale blue fire, indicating germanium. They can breathe a long stream of the fire, and when underwater is just a stream of burning water.
Geographic Distribution

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May 30, 2021 17:17 by Amélie I. S. Debruyne

Oh those sounds very cute :D Though at 45 feet they must be rather dangerous even if they mainly target fish. I also like the name "waverider" :D

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May 30, 2021 17:19 by Mochi

Thank you! I designed this creature years ago, so the length and its diet don't really make much sense. They are generally quite friendly though, and in my story that I will write eventually one of the main characters rides a waverider! Thank you for commenting ^-^

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