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Diamoons are large earth dragons that live in large cave networks on various islands on Dracosei. They are most common on Cavern Quarry, with an estimated population of about 2000.

Basic Information


Diamoons have a thin body with large purple and pink scales. Its head is a brown colour, snout ending in a pale crest. It has two small arms that aren't really used for anything. 2 talons sit on each arm and leg. Its wings are a crescent shape, divided into purple and magenta separated by pink dots. Its pink tail ends in a large crystal club used to smash things when attacking. Large crystal spikes sit on its back and along its tail.

Genetics and Reproduction

Diamoon eggs are a light purple with dark purple stripes that point to the middle of the egg. There is a purple crystal like substance on top of the egg.
They lay 5-6 eggs in June, which take a month to hatch.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Diamoons are carnivorous, they eat most creatures that end up inside its cave home. They go hunting in packs for mammals and birds they find, and if they get the chance they may hunt down some dragons. They store lots of leftover food in their caves, the crystals prevent the spoiling of the food as they release chemicals in the air.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

When happy or curious, the crystals start to glow. The happier, the brighter. When angry, the crystals lose all colour and go grey.   Diamoons have an acute sense of smell. Legends say it can sense the presence of crystals and minerals.


Diamoons have a fire that can only be described as, crackling. The purple flames sizzle and pop when breathed, and can crispen the skin of anyone who makes contact with it.
Geographic Distribution

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