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Fire Frighter

The Fire Frighter is the legendary fire dragon, and one of the most revered dragons on Dracosei. Its name strikes fear in the hearts of anyone on the planet, as everybody knows how dangerous this creature is.

Basic Information


The Fire Frighter has a long thin body, with wings reaching over 200ft in diameter. Its scales are a burning red, so hot to touch that any contact sets them alight. It has a long neck connected to a large head with a long snout. It has two giant horns sticking out the back of its head, and right on the back of its head is a weird coal like substance, that when it gets angry or has a strong emotion, it sets alight. Its tail ends in the same coal substance, and when it flicks its tail like a whip, it also sets alight.

Genetics and Reproduction

The Fire Frighter lays just one egg during its life cycle. They lay the egg directly in the centre of the cave, and after a year the egg hatches. One year after the egg is hatched the fire frighter dies.

Ecology and Habitats

The one and only Fire Frigher lives under Narunen Volcano, on Red Rock Island. It dug out a giant cave with an entrance in the north of the volcano, and if you swim (or try to) through the lava lake you can actually reach it, gravity prevents the lava from filling the cave. The bones of dragons it eats line the bottom of the cave, going at least a few metres deep of skeletons.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Fire Frighters, being the biggest creature on the island, isn't afraid to eat anything. When it leaves their cave, they go down to hunt everything they can find, dragging them back to its cave. The remains of all the creatures it has eaten sits at the bottom of the cave.
Geographic Distribution

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