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The sunspitter is the legendary light dragon. It lives in the Heather Isles, and has a large den inside the tallest mountain. The Heatherians believe that when the sunspitter gets angry, the end of all things will begin.

Basic Information


This prehistoric beast has a sauropod like structure. She has a large orange barrel shaped body, with thick, round scales. Her neck is covered in sharp spikes which are tough enough to tear through rock and stone. Her head is small, with a large crest that can emit loud sounds. She has a wide, square shaped mouth and square shaped teeth. She has 2 pairs of long, trunk like legs and a pair of short arms. Her tail is long, and curves and spirals around itself. Her back is adorned with a large green sail. Her wings are too short, and cannot allow her to fly.

Genetics and Reproduction

As most legendary dragons do, the sunspitter will lay a single egg throughout her life. As soon as she dies, the egg will hatch. Currently, the only egg lays dormant in a special chamber in her cave in the mountains. The egg is a light orange, with some large green spots at the bottom.

Ecology and Habitats

The sunspitter lives in a large cave in the mountains of the Heather Isles. The cave spans about 150 metres from either end. The cave inside is coated in moss and lichen, which creates a comfortable environment for the dragon. At the entrance to the cave, small crystals stick out which "scans" anything that walks past them (into the cave), and if something other than the sunspitter walks in they vibrate and cause a deafening sound that scares them away.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The sunspitter is a photosynthivore. She absorbs radiation from the sun through her sail, which gives her energy to survive. During winters she hibernates, as not enough energy is absorbed. In summers she is active but sluggish, as throughout the months she preserves some energy and stores it to survive the winters.

Beginning of the End

The sunspitter is renowned for her docile and kind nature. She has been seen to wander the mountains and rescue creature in need, stop avalanches by laying in front of it, preventing forest fires among others. The heatherians believe that if and when the sunspitter gets angry, the end of the world will come. They believe that because the dragon is constantly happy, the one time they aren't will have massive repercussions.
Around a thousand years
Average Weight
40 tonnes
Average Length
90 metres
Geographic Distribution

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