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Death's Head

Death's heads are one of the only "undead" species of dragons found on Dracosei. They appear to just be the rotting skeleton of a dragon, with an abnormally large head and wings that seem useless but actually make them fly, presumably with some undead magic.

Basic Information


Death's heads have a very large head, with a short snout and a beak. The beak is incredibly strong, and can crush most things like rocks and boulders. No horns, they have a dome skull instead with many bumps on the back of it. They have long necks connected to the rest of their bodies. They have a set of ribs with spikes along them, protecting their green and black undead heart. They walk on 2 legs, with 2 smaller front arms. Their wings have no skin, but somehow they can fly short distances. They have long tails used for balance when running.

Genetics and Reproduction

Death's heads lay eggs on the beaches of Red Rock Island, migrating from whatever other island they live on. The eggs are laid in small holes in the ground, then covered in the burning rocks, laid in pairs every year. The eggs are a dark brown, and appear to be covered in a skull like bone.

Ecology and Habitats

Death's heads spend most of their time running tirelessly in open areas. They need flat lands, where they can run in their packs as much as they like. They also like to run along coastlines, lapping entire islands if they can.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Death's heads don't need to eat, since they're undead, but they do if they really want. They are scavengers, feasting on the remains of dead dragons in their entire packs.
Geographic Distribution


Death's heads fire is a bright yellow, burning over a thousand degrees. This fire can melt the flesh off of your bones, and coupled with its incredibly strong beak makes for a dangerous dragon.

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